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Figuring out what to make for dinner after a long day can be stressful. Thankfully, it no longer has to be. The TV dinners your parents used to love are a thing of the past. When they were introduced in 1953, there were only three choices (turkey, meatloaf and Salisbury steak) and they took roughly 30 minutes to cook. Today, meals take just a few minutes. Thanks to advances in technology and ethnic influences on the American palate, unique and exciting options your entire family will enjoy are available in the freezer section of Publix.

What’s one of the greatest things about frozen dinners in the 2020s? Sometimes a microwave or oven isn’t even required! Do you love eating organic? Grab your skillet and enjoy a wonderful GreenWise skillet meal that goes from freezer to table in just 10 minutes.

Check out some of our favorites listed below.

GreenWise Quinoa & Squash

Quinoa Squash

Quinoa and squash with kale, carrots and sweet potatoes. Our two-toned blend of organic ancient grains is fluffy and satisfying, with a slightly earthy flavor and a chewy texture that really hits the spot. Large chunks of organic sweet potatoes and butternut squash add a little sweetness and a soft, smooth texture.

GreenWise Asian Style Quinoa

Asian Style Quinoa

Asian-style quinoa with brown rice, peas, squash and red pepper. The organic brown rice is fluffy, hearty and a great whole grain alternative to traditional white rice. Our two-toned blend of organic ancient grains is fluffy and satisfying with a slightly earthy flavor and a chewy texture that really hits the spot. Crisp bell peppers, perfectly cooked squash and sweet green peas create a colorful veggie blend that keeps each bite interesting.

GreenWise Chicken Chow Mein Skillet Meal

Chicken Chow Mein

White chicken meat with chow mein noodles and vegetables. Tender, organic wheat noodles offer the same great taste as traditional Hong Kong-style egg noodles. A blend of organic broccoli, carrots, celery and onions adds a variety of tastes, textures and colors to each delightful bite. Our savory sauce is made from organic soy sauce, organic chicken stock, organic sesame oil and a delectable blend of spices.

GreenWise Chicken Fried Rice Skillet Meal

Chicken Fried Rice

White chicken meat with rice and quinoa blend and vegetables. We’ve elevated the traditional fried rice sauce by using organic soy sauce and organic garlic. Our satisfying blend of organic grains is made with fluffy brown rice and delectable quinoa. A deliciously colorful blend of organic carrots, onions, peas and red peppers helps make each bite a little different than the last.

GreenWise Chicken Florentine Skillet Meal


White chicken meat with pasta and spinach in a Parmesan sauce. The organic spinach is rich in color and mild in flavor, making it the perfect addition to this aromatic dish. Our organic Parmesan sauce is made with organic Parmesan cheese to add a pleasant, creamy finishing touch. Finally, the organic farfalle is tasty, chewy bow ties that are made from organic durum wheat semolina.

GreenWise Garlic Chicken Skillet Meal

Garlic Chicken Meal

White chicken meat with pasta and vegetables in a garlic sauce. Broccoli, carrots and corn add color by the bushel to this dish. We chose rotini for this delectable dish because we love how the corkscrew-shaped helix holds its sauce. For the finishing touch, organic garlic makes up the creamy, aromatic sauce that will have your taste buds wanting more.

GreenWise Chicken Tikka Masala Skillet Meal

Tikka Masala Meal

White chicken meat in a masala sauce with basmati rice. The dish wouldn’t be complete without organic tomatoes to lend color, body and a sweet-savory flavor. This dish is made popular by the spices that create its flavor – cumin, cardamom and peppercorn, among others. Prized in India for its aromatic flavor, organic basmati rice cooks up light, fluffy and delicious.

Looking for other delicious options? Our GreenWise Organic burritos are quick and easy options your family will love!

GreenWise Organic Steak Burrito

GreenWise Organic Chicken Burrito

GreenWise Organic Burrito with Citrus Chile Sauce

GreenWise Organic Vegetable Burrito with Yellow Pepper Sauce


With all these enjoyable options, it’ll be hard to choose a favorite. Be sure to share your favorites with us on our social media platforms.


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