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Fall has set in. Cinnamon and nutmeg scents fill the air. You’ve picked out your Halloween costume and now it’s time to select some pumpkins to adorn your home. This year, ditch the messy carving and try something new! Here are five mess-free ways to decorate your pumpkins.

Dress It Up

This Halloween, don’t just pick out a costume for yourself, dress up your 10_3_CH_MessFreePumpkins_Image 2 _Canvaspumpkins as well. There are several ways to take on this challenge. One option is to use several pumpkins together, stack them up and paint them white to make a fall snowman.  Another idea is to focus on a single pumpkin. You can do something like wrap it up in toilet paper or gauze to turn it into a mummy.  Let your imagination run wild! With a little creativity you can turn your pumpkin into something amazing.

Use It as a Canvas

Believe it or not, pumpkins make great canvases! This project will require paint brushes, a pumpkin and some paint. First, choose an inspiration. It can be 10_3_CH_MessFreePumpkins_Image 3 _Canvasanything, from a Halloween scene to simple shapes and patterns. Once you’ve selected what you want to draw you can free hand it or use stencils. Either way, all there is left to do is paint — you’ll have a masterpiece in no time!

Tip: use masking tape when painting hard edges like chevron stripes. This way the colors won’t run.

Turn It Into a Chalkboard

Pumpkins can do much more than decorate your front porch. They can be 10_3_CH_MessFreePumpkins_Image 4 _Canvassurprisingly tasty in delicious recipes and are also great as in-house décor. Try using pumpkins as menu boards during this holiday season. All you need is a pumpkin, chalk paint , and chalk. Simply spread a neat coat of the paint all over the pumpkin’s surface. Once dry, go ahead and write out in chalk what will be served for dinner. Guests will love this festive piece.

Spell It Out

Using pumpkins to spell something out can be a great way to decorate. Think 10_3_CH_MessFreePumpkins_Image 5 _Canvasholiday words like “fall,” “trick or treat,” or “boo.” Then, get creative on how to spell them out. You can put each letter on one pumpkin or fit the whole idea into one. You can either paint the letters or print them and glue them on. You can also use other objects like buttons or push pins to form the letters you are looking for. In the end, you’ll have a unique decoration.

Make It Twinkle

This is the perfect way to bring a little sparkle to your home. You’ll need your 10_3_CH_MessFreePumpkins_Image 6 _Canvaspumpkin(s) of choice, glitter, and spray adhesive. Before you get started, we recommend covering up the area where you will be working to avoid getting glitter everywhere. Simply spray your pumpkin with the adhesive and sprinkle the sparkles all over your pumpkin. You can also choose to spray the adhesive in patterns so that glitter only sticks to certain parts — for example: polka dots.


There you have them, five great ways to decorate your pumpkins this year. What other creative suggestions for pumpkin flair do you have?

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Catalina H. became a Publix associate in 2012 and has thought of it as a home away from home ever since. When choosing what to write about, she thinks about her own life and what she wants to know more about – that way she can learn something new, too! Although her favorite Publix brand product is the Bakery Carrot Cake, you’ll probably find her snacking on peppers and drinking lots of water when writing her blogs. Outside of work, Catalina enjoys fitness, reading, crafting, and exploring new things (do you see a theme here?).

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    1. Catalina H.Catalina H.

      You can get creative with other “pumpkin costumes”. You can turn them into little Vampires with a black cape (made out of black fabric) and some white teeth shaped card board!

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