Can we take a moment to appreciate the value of a mocktail? Honestly, they’re just as enjoyable as a standard cocktail and as a bonus normally have fewer calories than a cocktail. If you’re not already in the know, mocktails are a trendy word for non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. Think about a classic Shirley Temple. This childhood staple is made with some lemon lime or ginger soda, a splash of grenadine and at least five maraschino cherries preferably on a sword. It’s a simple formula, but fun and delicious to drink.

Mocktails are great to have any time, but when it comes to parties, they work well for younger guests, designated drivers or anyone in the mood for a fun drink. They’re so trendy that a lot of bars have started adding dedicated mocktail portions to their menus. There are tons of tasty mocktail recipes out there, but here are five classics that are sure shake up any event!

Spirited Mocktail Recipes

Publix Aprons Sparkling Peach Slushy

Sparkling Peach Slushy

If you’re a fan of peaches, this is the drink for you. Peach Bellini’s are a classic in the brunch lineup and this mocktail is a great substitute. Our recipe wouldn’t be complete without the addition of sweet, fresh peaches. Try serving this drink in a mason jar.



Publix Aprons Strawberry-Tangelo Fresca

Strawberry-Tangelo Fresca

This refreshing drink is the perfect fizzy addition to any setting. It’s similar to a spritzer and is made with ingredients like sparkling water, fresh strawberries and mandarin oranges. To finish the mix, serve this recipe in a stemless wine glass.


Publix Aprons Watermelon Agua Fresca

Watermelon Agua Fresca

If you’re a fan of margaritas, you’re going to want to try this mocktail recipe. It’s made using fresh watermelon chunks, limes and coconut water and can be ready to serve in just 10 minutes. Serve your delicious beverage in a margarita glass.


Publix Aprons Cherry-Melon Hibiscus Refresher

Cherry-Melon Hibiscus Refresher

Add some zest into the party with this recipe! We used fresh fruits like cherries and watermelon chunks to give this drink some extra flavor. This cool blend also incorporates yummy raspberry hibiscus tea. Try serving this refresher in a martini glass.


Publix Aprons Strawberry Lemon Spritzers

Strawberry Lemon Spritzers

As far as classic cocktails go, mojitos are pretty much a staple on any list! We’ve brought this recipe to life by mixing deli lemonade with lemon sparkling water and added in fresh ingredients like strawberries and lemon slices to finish it off. Just like with any mojito, don’t forget to add in the mint! Serve this recipe in a highball glass.


If you’re interested in more non-alcoholic recipes, try these out! If you’re planning a party, here are some more great blogs.

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