If you’re anything like me, you live in eternal shame knowing your parents never planned a unicorn-themed party for you as a child. The fun colors, glitter, delicious desserts and lots of friends running around in tutus and unicorn horns would have made for an amazing childhood party, so thanks Mom and Dad! I’m totally kidding, but keeping this in mind, when I noticed that our bakery started offering mystical unicorn cakes, I became obsessed with the idea of planning a unicorn-themed dessert party for my myself. Honestly, what twenty-something year old doesn’t need an enchanting unicorn dessert party? Between the Aprons recipes and other fun desserts, it wasn’t hard to bring everything together. Let’s get this magical party started!

The Dessert Table of Dreams

When it comes to planning a unicorn party, making a dessert table the main star is a pretty easy decision. Life is made easier by ordering a few sandwich ring platters from your local store to hold guests over before diving into the sweet treats.

When building the dessert table, make the cake the center of the table and have everything else play a supporting role, while complementing the colors found in the cake. Fill in the table with items from our bakery, like white iced donuts and macarons, then start laying everything else out on the table.

To vary the heights on the table, add a cake stand and center a small bunch of pastel flowers before placing pastel macarons around the outside of the stand. Flowers help the table come to life, so add smaller premade floral arrangements in crystal vases.


To finish the table, make a few of our favorite Aprons recipes that fit into the color theme.

Strawberry Fluff Dip

Aprons Strawberry Fluff Dip

Strawberry Cookie Bites

Aprons Strawberry Cookie Bites

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