When making our Christmas lists, teachers are always near the top. They work hard all year teaching and molding our children into who they will become. While it may be hard to always show how appreciative we are for all their hard work, Christmas time is the perfect time to give them a gift to show your appreciation.

Hold the apples and coffee mugs. We put together a great list of gifts for teachers we are sure they will love this holiday season.


Gift Card Bouquet

Simply glue gift cards to kabob sticks and arrange in mason jar to create a cute bouquet.


Cleaning Supplies “Cake”

Create a “cake” by grouping your favorite Publix brand cleaning supplies together.


Personal Care “Cake”

Using your favorite Publix beauty essentials create this unique self-care gift.


Goodies Jar

Share some of your favorite goodies in a jar for a special treat.



Our stores offer a wide variety of beautiful potted succulents. Simply wrap with ribbon and you have the a desk plant to enjoy all year.




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