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Bacon is good on just about everything. Well, maybe not everything, but it is delicious! The best way to cook bacon all depends on the preference of who you are cooking it for. The good news is there is no right or wrong way to cook and enjoy bacon! Whether you enjoy it crispy, chewy or covered in grease we have a method for you.

Tip to Get You Started

Before cooking your bacon, remove it from the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes. Do not preheat stove top or oven. Placing bacon on cold surfaces and allowing temperature to rise while cooking allows the fat to render and provides a better taste and texture.

Stove Top/Pan Fry

We like to call this the traditional way to cook bacon. However, it most certainly is not the tidiest. Lay the bacon strips flat in the skillet, but do not overlap the pieces. Cook on medium heat until desired texture. Flip your bacon pieces for eight to 10 minutes to get an even crispness. Place the bacon on a paper towel lined plate or platter to absorb the grease.


This method works great if you have a lot of bacon to cook at one time. Line baking sheet with foil or parchment paper and lay out as many slices as will fit on the sheet without overlapping. Place in cold oven. Heat oven to 400 F for 25 to 35 minutes or until desired crispness. No need to flip during cooking!


This is quite possibly the quickest way to make a plateful of bacon. Line a microwave-safe plate with two paper towels. Place strips of bacon on paper towel without overlapping. Cover bacon with two more paper towels. Microwave for four to six minutes. Check every minute to avoid burning. The paper towels will absorb the grease and they will be ready to eat!

On BBQ Grill

If you decide to use your outdoor grill to cook bacon, there are a few things to consider before beginning. Putting anything that renders a significant amount of fat (like bacon) over an open flame is a safety hazard. You will need to prep your grill first. One easy way to cook bacon on a grill is by creating a large surface with aluminum foil. Place a large sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil directly on the grates and curve the edges upward about ½ inch to create a lip all the way around. Turn your grill on medium heat and place the bacon strips directly on the foil without overlapping. Cook to desired texture and place on paper towel lined plate when done. When cleaning up allow the grease to cool first in the aluminum foil so you can lift and discard with ease.

In a Waffle Iron

You wouldn’t believe how versatile your waffle iron can be. Using it as a mini grill for bacon works great. If your waffle iron is smaller than a slice of bacon, simply cut the bacon into pieces the size of each individual grate. Place bacon slices on each plate and close waffle iron. After 2 to 3 minutes open the lid and flip the bacon so that the pieces that weren’t in direct contact with the metal grate now are. After another two to three minutes your bacon should be near desired crispness.

Be sure to watch the amount of grease that builds up in your waffle iron. This method is good for small amounts, but is not recommended to make large batches, as the grease will overflow out of the grill. Let grates cool completely before cleaning.

Save Bacon Grease For…

It’s not just the bacon itself that we all love, use the leftover grease to enhance flavors in many other dishes. You can save your bacon grease by allowing it to cool completely, placing it in an airtight container with a lid and placing it in your refrigerator for up to six months. Try using bacon grease for any of these:

  • Seasoning skillets
  • Substituting for butter or cooking oil
  • Cooking collard greens or green beans
  • Using in cornbread
  • Sautéing cabbage or other vegetables
  • Using in pan to fry eggs


Bacon makes everything taste better! Don’t you agree? What is your favorite method to cook bacon? Share your secrets with us in the comments below.

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