Bakery Desserts Featured

It’s that time of year again and holiday parties are in full swing! We know there’s not always enough time in the day to make the perfect dessert. Or maybe baking is not your expertise. Don’t let that intimidate you, we’re here to help you add your own personal touch by sprucing up some of our favorite bakery items. Show up to your holiday party with a delicious and personalized treat! No one will know the difference.

Turn our bakery pumpkin pie into pumpkin pie bites with a round cookie cutter!

Feeling creative? Add whipped cream to a baggie and cut a corner off. Draw designs on the top of a pumpkin pie.

Add a caramel drizzle over our Dutch apple pie for an additional burst of sweetness!

Using that same caramel drizzle, add chocolate candy and nuts to the top of a cheesecake for more flavor!

Even something as simple as adding festive sprinkles or crushed peppermints to the top of cupcakes can be a nice, personal touch!

The most important piece of advice we have is to always take the product out of its package. Whether it be a pie or a cake, make sure you place it on a cake stand or pie plate!


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