Helping our customers save money is something we’re passionate about. Ways to save at Publix include our weekly ad, digital coupons and extra savings (deals you won’t find in the weekly ad). While saving at Publix is something customers can easily do, oftentimes there is a misconception about saving on organic items.

Check out these tips on shopping smart and saving money on organic items at Publix.


When shopping, compare the prices of organic and conventional items. Often on-sale organic items may cost less. In our produce department, organic and conventional fruits and vegetables are merchandised side by side so it’s easy to compare pricing. Compare the cost between fresh, frozen and canned vegetables or fruits.

GreenWise Pecan Maple Granola with 70% organic ingredients logo.

Shelf Tags

Shelf tags can help you easily identify organic items. Our shelf tags for items on sale clearly display the savings for the item. Whether an item is an Advantage Buy or in our weekly ad, the amount you’re saving will be printed on the label! The green and white USDA organic icon lets you know the product is made with 95% or more organic ingredients. The icon for items that are made with at least 70% organic ingredients icon is teal and white.

GreenWise Diced Yellow Cling Peahes with USDA Organic logo.


Save money by shopping our GreenWise brand. There are many organic options from canned beans to frozen pizza and more. Wait to find the BOGOs and stock up. Double the organics for half the cost. You just can’t beat that!

USDA Organic Logo.

Create a Shopping List

Creating a shopping list can help with saving on organics. A list will help you stick with the items you need and deter you from impulse shopping. Did you know that the best deals can occur in-season? For fruits and vegetables on your list, keep in mind that as the peak of season hits, prices can drop due to volume. That can mean summer filled with sweet fruit and grapes and fall with ripe apples and pears. Not sure what to put on your list? Plan out a weekly menu to keep your spending in check and cut down on waste, as you’ll have exactly what you need, no more, no less.


Shopping for organics on a budget is a pleasure at Publix! Follow the tips above and you will have the tools you need to stay in budget and enjoy your favorite organic products.

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