Chocolate supreme cake with strawberries on top in Bakery case at Publix store.

Our bakery is filled with many delicious items! The smell that fills the air as you approach the bakery entices you with fresh, warm baked breads, still steaming in their bags and oven-baked cookies you can’t get enough of. Have you ever wondered how your favorite bakery products are created? Our corporate bakery team regularly evaluates new items to determine if they should be added to our mix. We asked a few members of this team what their favorite bakery items were. Check out their answers below and be sure to give them a try the next time you visit our bakery!

Milton (Category Manager): Chocolate Ganache Supreme Cake

The chocolate ganache supreme is a cake that brings memories of my family celebrating together. This cake continues to bring back memories in our family that when we are apart, we still have each other. It’s a cake of what a family is all about — love.”

Publix Bakery Chocolate Ganache Cake

Amanda W. (Buyer): Publix Original Key Lime Pie

“With its real graham cracker crust and authentic Key lime filling, it’s the perfect ending to a delicious meal. My favorite Publix Bakery item is our Key lime pie. It’s perfectly sweet and tart and is better than any other pie I’ve ever had. Did you know that this pie’s been a part of our bakeries since 1957 and has won many awards over the years? It features the same recipe today as when it was first created and is made with real whipped cream and Key lime juice.”

Key Lime Pie on surface with limes, graham crackers

Lilly K. (Buyer): GreenWise Meyer Lemon Cake

“My favorite bakery item is GreenWise Meyer Lemon Cake. It’s made from organic and gluten-free ingredients. It’s a great-tasting item I can feel good about eating.”

Meyer Lemon cake on plate with fork next to it.

Lori M. (Buyer): GreenWise Pumpkin Pie

“My favorite bakery item is a seasonal one, pumpkin pie. My uncle was a baker and when I was growing up, he would make pumpkin pies for family gatherings. The GreenWise Pumpkin Pie reminds me of the pie he would make!”

Pumpkin pie on white plate.

Ashley J. (Category Manager): GreenWise Mini Blueberry Muffins

“Our family loves these bite-size muffins! My 2-year-old daughter always asks for them every time we are in the bakery. They are the perfect size for her and a great snack for me and my husband. Because they are GreenWise, I feel good about buying them for my family.”

12 GreenWise Blueberry muffins on white plate.

John F. (Buyer): Sourdough Five Grain Bread

“I’m a fan of all our breads, but if I had to narrow it down, I would pick this as my favorite. There’s something about the sourdough flavor, and the toasted seeds on top, that make it the perfect loaf for an amazing sandwich.”

Sourdough bread on cutting board.


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