Carrot cake is a classic dessert that combines sugar, spice and everything nice, but the true beauty of a Publix Carrot Bar Cake is in how we make it. This deliciously moist cake is filled with real carrots and English walnuts, and is topped with delectable cream cheese icing. Honestly, who could resist a slice?

The use of carrots in desserts dates to medieval times when carrot pudding was a popular treat. With the natural sweetness that comes from carrots, it’s not really that surprising that people have used them for baking for so long. Carrot cake itself was widely popularized in America during World War II because there was a surplus of canned carrots. A businessman hired U.S. bakers to create a demand for the product, and the carrot cake we know and love was born.

Here are some little-known fun facts behind one of our favorite Publix bakery products!

Carrot Bar Cake Fun Facts

  • Our carrot bar cakes are made in our Lakeland bakery plant.
  • We pipe 24,000 carrots and leaves with icing by hand each day we produce carrot cake bars.
  • Last year, we piped 2,123,604 carrots and leaves by hand.
  • Our carrot cake is made with real carrots and English walnuts.
  • Our exclusive carrot cake recipe is inspired by our original recipe from 1957. Very few changes have been made to the recipe since its inception.
  • Our bakery plant makes our cream cheese icing from scratch, which is also inspired by our original recipe.

Pick up a carrot bar cake in store for your next event!


sliced publix carrot bar cake on white plate

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