At Publix, we are known for providing premier customer service. Our founder, Mr. George, believed all customers should be “treated like kings and queens.” To keep this legacy alive, we focus our efforts on hiring the right people to best serve our customers.

If you have a passion for people and are interested in joining an award-winning team, check out our tips below for getting your foot in the door at a Publix store near you. You can apply online to work at any Publix store in your area.

Take Your Time Answering the Questionnaire

Living in a world of all things fast and digital, it’s easy to rush through any process, especially one that is now entirely online. Our online application will prompt you to answer a series of questions that help us measure your customer service and problem-solving skills. Slow down and think about your answers. It could make or break your chances of being selected for an interview.

Keep an Open Availability

The more available you are to work throughout the week and weekend, the better! While our managers try to accommodate associates’ schedules, our stores are often busiest during nights and weekends. You have a better chance at being selected for an interview if you have an open availability. You are more than welcome to discuss your availability with the store manager before or after you apply to see if your current schedule meets their needs.

Include Relevant Work History

Our managers often look for candidates with previous experience in retail, customer service or food preparation. If you have any work history that is similar to work we do at Publix, don’t forget to include that on your application. Having relevant experience will help your application stand out.

Introduce Yourself to Management

Applying to work at a Publix store is now easier than ever. Our online application process allows candidates to apply from their mobile phone or computer without having to step foot in the store. Don’t let this convenience stop you from stopping by the store to introduce yourself to management. At Publix, we like for our associates to go above and beyond expectations. Going the extra mile to show you are interested in the opportunity could increase your chances of landing an interview.

Keep Your Application Updated

While our stores accept applications year-round, not all our stores have immediate needs. Visit our critical openings list to see which stores are looking to hire for select positions right away. In the meantime, keep your application updated every 30 days. This will ensure your information stays current and that your application stays active and visible to the store manager.

Land an Interview? Be Professional!

If you followed all these tips and you made it to the interview stage, don’t get too comfortable. Continue to impress by being professional and showing up to your interview 15 minutes early, dress in business-professional attire and bring a resume. Read about some of our interview tips and learn more ways to make a great impression.


Applying to work at Publix could be your first step into a rewarding career. Did you know that our stores promote from within? You can start in any of our entry-level positions and work your way up to management. Our store managers earn more than $120,000 a year, and our CEO, Todd Jones, started his career as a bagger working his way up through retail.

As a Publix associate, you can take advantage of additional opportunities internally at our corporate offices, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Check out our current openings online. There are so many opportunities at Publix. Apply online to join our family of more than 200,000 associates dedicated to making Publix the place where shopping is a pleasure.

Jazmyn M.

Written by

Jazmyn M. started her career with Publix in 2012 as a Front Service Clerk where she enjoyed engaging with customers and quickly fell in love with the company. Jazmyn's passion for Publix came full circle. As the company's Employment Branding Specialist, Jazmyn gets to share what she loves about working for Publix and helps our recruiters advertise job openings through traditional print, digital, and social media advertising. In her free time, she enjoys writing, spending time with her friends and family and occasionally binging a series on Netflix. Jazmyn looks forward to continuing to educate others about the career opportunities that exist at Publix and showcasing why it is a great place to work.

74 Comments on “6 Tips for Getting a Job at Publix

  1. Dan

    Hi, I had an interview for a distribution position in Lakeland, Fl. on Friday 01/14/21. It went great in my opinion. We discussed the next steps and I’m supposed to hear back about a background check and drug test and giving my current employer the appropriate two weeks notice but have t heard anything back yet. Its only be a few days including the weekend since the interview was on a Friday. My portal still says “under consideration” even though I’ve already had my interview. Is there anything you recommend I do or should I just be patient and try to stop over thinking things? Thank you.

    1. Kaitlynn R.Kaitlynn R.

      Hi there, Dan. We recommend reaching out directly to the hiring manager should you have any questions regarding the next step in this process. Please know it can take some time to conduct all interviews and review the candidates.

    2. Juliette

      Hi, I applied for a job at Publix and would like to know what phone number Publix will call me at if I meet the requirements, so I know it’s not a spam call.

      Thank you

  2. Shanell

    I went to the open interviews 4 weeks ago, they asked us questions and they told us that they will have a department manager call us for a interview, I called a week after I went to check on my application and they said to be patient, still haven’t heard anything but got a email last Friday that says:
    You’d look
    good in green.
    Looks like you have a passion for providing great service and are interested in a job with our growing company. We’re hiring now in all areas, and we’d love to hear from you again. Apply today! but haven’t heard anything from a manager yet, what should I do?

      1. Shanell

        I have been emailing a recruiter for the longest and he really can’t tell me nothing and I have also wrote the Facebook page and they can’t tell me nothing either.

        1. Caroline A.Caroline A.

          Thank you for the follow up! I recommend waiting a few days and following up with the recruiter to see if there is anything else you may need to do or when you should expect a decision.

          1. Shanell

            The other day I had messaged the Publix careers Facebook page again because the career page was down for some reason but it was fixed later on so they asked what city and state I’m in so they can forward my application over to the store and told me if I go up to the store to give them my application ID number and tell them such and such name on the Publix careers Facebook page that forwarded my application over sent me up there.

    1. Tia

      Hello! I’m a recent high school graduate who has not been previously employed. I have no resume and am wondering if one is needed to apply for a store position. I’d also like to know the best way to earn a job with Publix without prior work experience, and how to introduce myself to management. There are a couple comments similar to my concerns already, but one remains incomplete and the other is older than a year. Thank you in advance!

  3. Moriah

    Hi, I have an interview with Publix and wanted to know when was the best time to bring up a disability and how to do so.

    Thank you,


    1. Caroline A.Caroline A.

      Hi Moriah, thank you for reaching out to us with your question. Interviews are the best time to discuss anything related to the position you applied for. You can bring your topic up during the questions portion of the interview.

  4. Madison

    I have applied to Publix four times and I have never received feedback on my application. I would love to work at Publix because I have always enjoyed shopping here and the service from the workers is great. I also try to remember to keep updating my application. If there is anything additional that I can do to be considered, someone let me know. Thanks!

    1. Caroline A.Caroline A.

      Hi Madison, Thanks for reaching out! I recommend updating your application every 30 days. Also, introduce yourself to the store manager to express your interest. They may be able to share more information on current hiring needs. If you have additional questions regarding careers with Publix, I recommend reaching out to our careers team on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/publixcareers/

    1. Austin B.Austin B.

      Hi Mileyshka! We suggest introducing yourself to store management to express your interest in becoming part of the Publix family. We wish you the very best.

  5. Cory

    Well It’s My First Time Getting A Job At Publix Cocoa Common Shopping Center And I’m Looking Forward To Work In One Of Those Produce Dept Like Stocking Shelves

  6. camilla

    Hi , my name is Camilla. I have been really interested in working with the company Publix. Before i sent in my application, i went into the store with my parents and asked to speak to the manager. I introduced myself and let him know about my interest in working with the Publix team. Later that day i sent off my application. I am 15 and am bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. I was wondering, how often should i call in to let the management know my application is active? Thank you!

  7. Emilie

    Hi my name is Emilie and I am wanting to get a job but I don’t have a resume would I need one to apply? Also I’m still in school for two more months. Is there anyway you could help me.
    Thanks Emilie

  8. Donna

    I see there will be a job fair close by for a new store opening.. I have an application in for that store do I have to wait to be called or can I just show up for an interview on one of the days ?

    1. Teddy

      Hello Jasmyn, my name is Teddy Goldman, I’m 15 years old and I’m interested in applying for publix. I live close to a couple publix’s which are more convenient for me to get to. I was wondering whether it would decrease my chances of being accepted if I chose to only submit my application to those two locations. I’m also only available on the weekends except for the summer so I’m wondering whether I should wait until the summer to apply so I can say that I’m available on weekdays as well or if I should just apply and say that I’m only available during the weekend. I have an older brother who’s been employed at publix for about a year, he’s also a highschooler. Would him being apart of publix increase my chances to being accepted? Thanks in advance,
      Teddy Goldman

    2. Danielle

      Hi, I had an interview during the job hiring fair and they said I would hear something by Monday. It is now Wednesday and I am wondering if I should reach out to someone and follow-up or continue to wait.

  9. Jacqueline

    My name is Tracy Barry I have been putting in my application for a bagger I have been applying for almost 2 years and no one has called me when I go in the store to speak to the manager i always get we are not hiring but I keep my application up to date I am disabled and want a job real bad please tell me why they don’t call me.
    I am looking to be a bagger and i can go out and get carts when I shop there I always ask if I can bag and they let me bag my own groceries Thank you please call me my name is Tracy Barry

    1. Karleigh W.Karleigh W.

      Hi Tracy, stores will fill positions based on current hiring needs. We encourage you to continue checking in with your local stores as these needs change.

  10. chloe

    Hi ! I have been applying for many store locations and have been through about 3 phone interviews but haven’t been called in for a face to face interview, is there a reason why ?

  11. TYLER

    I applied for the position ISTS Support Technician – Tallahassee, FL 12504BR and got back I didn’t meet the qualifications, in which I do and have several certifications. I want to shoot my shot in this interview.

  12. Pedro

    I recently applied were Shopping and working is a pleasure .I was laid off from a company that provided service , i have always like working side by side with Management an associates to make their job easier . Always happy and eager to work with. Given the opportunity ,Like Mr. George Jenkins would say ,Begin the rest is easy . I would like that opportunity to continue working were i always shop and always a pleasure .

  13. Asih

    Hi, i just got a job at Deli, but to be honest its not my passion at all. I honestly really want to work in Meat/Seafood, Produce or Bakery though. But seems no opening :( And im thinking why i do the job that im not happy with? When i asked Assistant SM if i can transfer to another department that i want if there is opening? He said its possible but for deli its impossible because deli always need people. And now i realized ill be trapped there forever? Deli is just not for me, i dont like messy and dirty situation plus rude customers. When i asked ASM if f there is any other position he said JUST DELI. Then in break room i met 14yo who just got hired for bagger. I think they choose lots immigrants to go to deli.
    My question is: i just started working , can i change my availability? i just need 20 hours max or 15/ week at Deli and maybe looking another jobs because its impossible to get a job other than deli (they give bagger/cashier for students).

    1. Karleigh W.Karleigh W.

      Hello Asih, I’d recommend reaching out to your direct manager to ask about changing your availability. If you continue to have concerns, you may also want to reach out to your Associate Relations Specialist. If you are unsure where to find their information, please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and we will be happy to help you find that. Thank you!

  14. Beth

    Hi, I’ve been trying to contact the store manager for a while now. I called before and they said they would call me back but never did. I know they’re busy because that location and store is Amazing! But I also went in person to the store to talk to the manager but she wasn’t there. I also called the location multiple times and she also wasn’t there at the time. I updated my application again. I would really like to work there, 2 positions. Also I’m available.

    1. Karleigh W.Karleigh W.

      Hi Beth, due to the volume of applications our store managers receive, only candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted. I’d recommend calling the store and letting them know that you are an applicant, and asking when would be a good time to come in to speak to the Store Manager. Best of luck to you!

  15. Joalis

    I would like to know when we they start calling the Candidates that makes it Into Publix because I applied Monday and I’m waiting For answer back.And I’m every interest to work with y’all .

    1. Karleigh W.Karleigh W.

      Hello Joalis, thank you for your interest in working for Publix. Due to the volume of applications our store managers receive, only candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted. We recommend that you monitor your voicemail and make sure it’s set up to receive messages in case the manager calls to schedule an interview. Please also make sure your application is updated every 30 days.

      For more information, please visit https://corporate.publix.com/careers/applicant-resources/after-you-apply

  16. Trinity

    Hey I trinity I 15 I be 16 in August and I put a application in January I trying to see what going on with my application so I can get this job to work at Publix

    1. Karleigh W.Karleigh W.

      Hi Trinity, we are happy to hear about your interest in working at Publix! Please make sure that you keep your application updated every 60 days to remain active in our system. We also recommend speaking with store management about your interest. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Publix Careers on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/publixcareers.

  17. Asih

    Hello, i am still trying to get a job at Publix, last time i got an interview at Publix Baymeadows 295, but they were looking for closing people. Andmy situation changed now, i currently live at Baymeadows 295, but we are planning to move off Marsh Landing area,,,now i changed the location to Publix Marsh Landing… I just hope and pray i can get the job at Publix asap. Just curious if got a job off Baymeadows area can i transfer to Publix near Marsh Landing once i move? Thanks and i need a job and Publix is my focus :)

    1. Caroline A.Caroline A.

      Hi Asih, We appreciate your interest in working at Publix! We recommend keeping your application updated every 60 days to remain active in our system, and speaking with store management about your interest. Associates are able to submit transfer requests through our internal portal. We hope this helps answer your question. If you have more questions, please reach out to Publix Careers on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/publixcareers.

    1. Caroline A.Caroline A.

      Hi Tina, We do not share the results of the PAQ with candidates. We do recommend taking your time with the assessment, and ensuring you have an open availability. Store management will contact you if you are selected for an interview. We wish you the best of luck in your job search!

  18. zully

    Sería un sueño hecho realidad trabajar con la familia Publix tengo un amigo que trabajo con ustedes y siempre me dice que lo mejor que ha tenido me gusta la atención al cliente la cordialidad es muy importante para que puede fluir todo armoniosamente !!

  19. Edwin

    Im very excited about the chance to work for Publix. I’ve heard and read many good things about the company , and I am looking forward to joining the Publix team.

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