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As each new year begins, many of us set personal resolutions to make healthier food decisions. However, remaining focused and following through on the personal health goals we set for ourselves may prove difficult over time. We may become discouraged and lose our motivation within just a few weeks of making changes to our eating and exercise habits. Luckily, our Publix Dietitians provided a few tips for us to reclaim our resolutions and get back on track toward our health goals.

1. Write down your reason why.

It can be difficult staying motivated to eat healthier. For many people, the key motivating factor for deciding to make lifestyle changes and sticking to them is their reason why. Think about why you want to make a change and jot it down in a journal, on a sticky note or even on your bathroom mirror. This will serve as a reminder when you find yourself lacking motivation.

2. Set your goals.

Identifying your health goals and how you plan to achieve them is important for staying on track. Your goals should be specific, simple and realistic. For example, “I will exercise for 30 minutes three times each week.”

3. Identify your how.

Once you set your goals, ask yourself how you plan to accomplish them. If you have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight, how do you plan to do that? Maybe you’ll take steps to reduce your sugar intake, explore intuitive eating or incorporate walks into your day. Regardless, it’s important to identify how you will accomplish your goals.

4. Track your progress.

Keeping track of your progress helps you incorporate changes into your routine and ensures you don’t forget about your goals. Some of the best ways to track progress are by incorporating reminders into your calendar or scheduling check-ins for yourself at the beginning or end of each week.

5. Take it one step at a time.

Many of us lead incredibly busy lives and making big changes to your diet or exercise routine may seem overwhelming, especially if you try to make several changes at once. Whether it’s making sleep a priority, snacking smarter or making better decisions when ordering out, there’s nothing wrong with implementing one small change at a time.

6. Give yourself grace.

Don’t let a slip-up cause you to give up. Rather, remind yourself of your reason why and refocus on your goals. Expecting perfection from yourself will only lead to disappointment and frustration.


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