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Our Deli and Bakery departments are often the stars when it comes to Publix praise, and though our subs and cakes are staples we’re proud of, we can’t forget the other amazing departments that make up our premier shopping experience – like the Pharmacy. Since January 12 is National Pharmacist Day, there’s no better time to give thanks to the folks dedicated to helping us navigate a sometimes stressful process.

Whether you’re thanking your own pharmacist or giving a shout out to a friend or family member in the field, here are six ways you can show appreciation on National Pharmacist Day.

Invest Your Time in Them

Your pharmacist is always 01_09_National Pharmacist Day_KS_Image 2asking how you are and keeping up with your health. So why not show a little interest in their well being, too? Ask your pharmacist to share stories about their schooling, family, hobbies, or interests. Simply getting to know them on a personal level can brighten their day. Plus, you’ll have a better idea of how to make them smile next National Pharmacist Day!

Make Them a Fun Badge Clip

Most pharmacists are the proud owners of badges that grant access to restricted areas or simply showcase the title they’ve worked so hard for. To give them an extra flair, craft up a fun badge clip cover with their initials, an Rx symbol, or something else you know they’d enjoy. Everyone loves adding a bit of  personality to their work outfit, and this is a great way to help them do it!

Just Say It

Isn’t it amazing how just hearing “thank you” can make your whole day better? Next time you’re in to get your prescription filled, take that extra moment to really thank your pharmacist for all they do for you and others.

01_09_National Pharmacist Day_KS_Image 3Gift Them a Personalized Tumbler

Pharmacists are health advocates, which means they’re drinking water – and lots of it! Add a little pizazz to their water breaks by gifting them a personalized tumbler. You can find many inspirational ideas on Pinterest or by simply asking them a few questions to get an idea of what they’d like. Not only will they smile and remember you each time they fill up, but they’ll be able to show a little personality with each sip. Perfect!

Get Crafty

If you have a little one or just enjoy arts and crafts yourself, put those skills in action and get crafty for National Pharmacist Day. You could paint a canvas, make a card, color and fire a coffee mug, or even sew a pillow! Whatever you choose, it’ll be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece your pharmacist will adore.

Stay Well

What better gift for your pharmacist than resolving to stay healthy this year? Speak with your doctor about ways you can keep your health in mind throughout the year. You can also check out our Health Topics page for more ideas on New Year’s Resolutions. Our pharmacists are always here to help you meet your goals, and we’d be willing to bet you’ll make your doctor pretty happy, too not to mention yourself!.


No matter how you say it, a big thank you is definitely due to that friendly smile behind your pharmacy counter. We hope we’ve inspired you, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to share your ideas and photos in the comments, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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Kandi S. wrote her first short story at nine-years-old and has been a lover of the written word ever since, which makes The Publix Checkout one of her favorite things about working for Publix! Starting as a cashier in 2005, Kandi has since incorporated her love for writing and social media with her passion for the company focused on customer service. She enjoys fitness, writing, live music and local food and beverages. Kandi hopes you walk away from our blog each day with a new-found appreciation for the grocery store where shopping is a pleasure.

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