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You may think there’s nothing better than a cheesy, pepperoni pizza made with fresh dough. Well, we don’t disagree, but did you know there are many other ways to incorporate our fresh dough sold in our Bakery into other recipes? Step outside of the box and try these Aprons recipes using our Italian Pizza Dough.

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  1. Swirl Bread. Our Bakery pizza dough is perfect to use with our Basil Swirl Bread It’s a delicious Italian bread that can be served with pasta or just enjoy by dipping in a delicious sauce.
  2. Honey-Cheese Rolls. Quick and easy! You just need mozzarella cheese, pizza dough, butter and honey. Honey-Cheese Rolls are a delicious sweet and savory alternative to traditional dinner rolls.
  3. Breakfast Pizza. Make your morning breakfast routine more exciting with our tasty breakfast pizza. Helpful hint: If you want to save time, check in the Bakery for our pre-rolled pizza dough.
  4. Bread Sticks. Think bread sticks crossed with pepperoni pizza. Our Big Pepperoni Bread Sticks are easy to make and your kids can help too! Add your favorite marinara sauce for dipping.
  5. Patty Melt. If you enjoy a traditional patty melt, you’ll love our twist on the same taste with our Patty Melt Pizza.
  6. Flatbread or Chicken Pizza Insalata. Build your own flatbread with your choice of ingredients. Stop by the Bakery for your fresh pizza dough then swing by the Deli for a delicious rotisserie chicken and you’ll have the main ingredients.
  7. Dessert Pizza Treats. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, the S’mores Pizza and Cookie Cheesecake Pizza are perfect for dessert with a tall glass of milk.



Have you ever used our Italian pizza dough for your own recipes? Share your favorites with us in the comments below.

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