We love that our customers go bananas for bananas! Here’s everything you need to know about this yummy fruit and the ways you can incorporate them into some of our favorite Publix Aprons recipes.

A Bunch of Banana Facts

Even though bananas are normally consumed by themselves, they’re also used as substitutes in a lot of recipes. For instance, you can substitute a mashed banana in place of an egg. They also make great treats in the warm weather if you freeze them. Use frozen bananas in a smoothie or milkshake as a substitute for ice. Here are more fun facts that you might not know about bananas.

  • More than 1,000 varieties of bananas exist. The two most popular types are the traditional table banana in the Cavendish variety and the plantain.
  • Bananas don’t just come in the standard yellow found in most grocery stores. Red bananas also exist and are normally on the sweeter side compared to ripe yellow bananas.
  • Bananas ripen faster when still attached to a bunch.
  • When in a bunch, they’re called a hand; individual bananas are called fingers.
  • Keep your bananas fresh longer by wrapping the ends in plastic wrap.
  • They are curved because they grow upside-down toward the sun.
  • Additional fun fact! Bananas float in water.

Banana Recipes

Check out these Aprons recipes that incorporate different ways to use bananas!

Peanut Butter-Banana Chia Pudding

Alt= “Peanut butter pudding with chia seeds layered with fresh cut up banana and granola”

Double Chocolate Banana Cookies

Alt= “chocolate banana cookies on cooling rack with a container of the cookie mix to the side”

Coconut-Berry Freeze

Hummingbird Cake Pops

 Alt= “Five cakepops topped with coconut, sprinkles and crushed almonds”



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