Did you know that, on average, we have over 10,000 grocery products in our stores? If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is! You’re probably familiar with our Publix brand items, and it’s likely you have a few favorites. We certainly do! With such a wide variety of options, we’re here to highlight some new Publix items that you will be seeing on store shelves near you soon.

There’s something new for everyone. If you are looking for new foods, we have something for your salty or sweet craving. Perhaps you need help cleaning the house? Our new cleaning products are guaranteed to do the trick. Whatever you’re looking for, our new items are worth trying. Who knows? You may find a new favorite or two! Stop by your local store and check out these items below.

GreenWise Cage-Free Liquid Egg Whites

  • USDA Organic Certified.
  • Fat-free and cholesterol-free.
  • Hens are on a certified organic feed.
  • Hens are barn-roaming, and nest and perch in a covered barn with outdoor access.
  • This product is pasteurized.

GreenWise Coconut Flour

  • Gluten free.
  • USDA Organic (Certified Organic by Quality Certification Services).
  • Easy-to-use resealable package.
  • Product of Sri Lanka.

GreenWise Cranberries, Dark Chocolate, Almond Trail Mix

  • Whole almonds, whole cashews, cranberries and chocolate chunks.
  • If you enjoy the taste of almonds and cashews, sweet chocolate chunks and tart cranberries, you’ll love this snack.
  • May contain milk, peanuts and other tree nuts.

Publix Tex Mex Trail Mix

  • Spicy peanuts, Cajun corn nuggets, spicy sesame sticks and Cajun corn sticks.
  • Contains peanuts, milk, wheat and soy. May contain tree nuts.


GreenWise Multi-Surface Wipes: Free & Clear, Lemon-Scented

  • 100% USDA bio-based product.
  • Zero dyes and fragrances.
  • Multi-surface cleaner that’s safer for various household surfaces.

GreenWise All-Purpose Cleaner: Free & Clear, Lemon-Scented

  • 100% USDA bio-based product.
  • Multi-surface cleaner that’s safer for various household surfaces.
  • Free & Clear contains zero dyes and fragrances.
  • Safer Choice: Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards.

Publix Triple Action Dish Soap Pacs

  • Removes stuck-on messes.
  • Compare performance to Cascade Complete.
  • We also have our Publix Platinum Dish Soap Pacs, which remove burnt-on foods. Requires only 1 pac per load.


How’s that for newsworthy? As always, we want to hear from you so be sure to let us know what you think of these new products on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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