There is no sweeter news than announcing our new limited-edition bakery items. Starting the new year with new products to try may be the best news you have heard yet. So, what are you waiting for? Our recommendation? We say go now and try them all! These products are available now through the end of March.

Chocolate Mint Bar Cake

Looking for deep chocolate taste with a refreshing minty flavor? Look no further than our chocolate bar cake with mint-flavored buttercream icing, garnished with chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle.

Cookies and Cream Bar Cake

This delicious chocolate cake is made with Oreo® cookies and layered with cookies-and-cream buttercream icing. Garnished with crushed cookies and chocolate drizzle, making it absolutely divine!

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookies

Irresistible strawberry cookies studded with cream cheese chips; enjoyed best when you have more than one.

Chocolate Walnut Overload Cookie

These chocolate fudge cookies contain semi-sweet chocolate chips and walnuts to make the perfect flavor combination to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Blueberry Cheese Mini Strudel 4 Ct.

This flaky puff pastry — baked fresh in-store — is filled with blueberry and cheese and topped with coarse sugar.

Chocolate Chunk Scone

This tender scone has bites of semisweet chocolate chunks and just the right amount of sweetness. We find this is best enjoyed with your morning coffee.

Blueberry Streusel Bread

This sweet and delectable blueberry streusel bread is great toasted or used to make French toast for a perfect breakfast. It’s pre-sliced for easy serving.


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3 Comments on “7 Sweet Limited-Time Bakery Products To Try Now!

  1. AvatarCasey

    Please bring back the salted caramel heath bar cake. That was one of the things my husband and I would eat together on our date night we rarely got to do with one another. It was special. I know others wouldn’t understand but I was very disappointed when I was told they won’t have it again.

    1. Kaitlynn R.Kaitlynn R.

      Hi Casey! We’re glad to hear this bar cake was a hit with you and your husband for date night! We will certainly share your feedback with our Bakery team.

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