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If you grew up in the Southeast, one thing is for sure, you probably grew up with a Publix nearby. Your weekends might have been spent picking up a delicious sub with your family before spending a day at the beach or stopping by the Bakery for a free chocolate chip cookie. Grocery store conversations with your friends who live up north may make them realize they are missing out. Check out these seven things we know and love most about Publix that others might not be aware of about your favorite store. You might even convince them to move closer!

1. We Help You Take Groceries To Your Car

Consider this part of our premier customer service! Bags can get heavy and packing a car up with groceries takes time. Our Publix associates will take your groceries your car—no tips please!


2. Don’t See The Right Sized Portion? Don’t Worry!

Have you ever shopped for your favorite cut of meat or your favorite Bakery treat, but didn’t want to buy four of the same item? Our associates will break packages for you so you get exactly what you want. Publix understands that households come in all sizes—from big to small.


3. Leave The Meal Planning To Us

Do you ever get tired of the same meals over and over again? Publix Aprons Simple Meals offers hundreds of recipes your family will love. If you’re not sure whether you and your kids will like it, stop by your local Aprons kiosk to try a sample. We even make the shopping easy for you; you’ll find all of the ingredients at the Aprons kiosk.

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4. Great Deals For Everyone

Our customers don’t have to sign up or join a loyalty program to enjoy savings. Publix believes that everyone should enjoy a great deal, especially everyone’s favorite—our BOGOs. Did you know we also accept manufacturer’s and competitor’s coupons?


5. The Famous Pub Sub

You can’t go to our Deli without ordering a Publix sub. Our subs have more fans than your favorite football team, and most would say the Chicken Tender Sub is to die for. Share your best sub photos on Instagram using #PubSub.


6. Did Someone Say Free Cookie?

Yes, yes we did. Whether you ‘re a chocolate chip or sugar cookie lover, these sweet treats make you come back craving more. Stop by your local Publix Bakery with your child for a free cookie to enjoy during your shopping trip.


7. The Most Refreshing Tea And Lemonade Year Round

Sweet tea, green tea, peach tea and more! We also offer Limited Edition Tea flavors for each season! Whether it’s Pumpkin Spice in the fall or Raspberry and Blackberry Lemonades in the summer, our selection of tea is something our customers look forward to.



These are just a few things you may love about your local Publix, but there are many more we didn’t mention. Did we leave out your favorite part of shopping in our stores? Share it in the comments below!

Caroline A.

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Caroline started with Publix as a cashier in 2015 and has developed a passion for writing and social media. She loves being a part of Publix’s culture and enjoys bringing new ideas to The Publix Checkout by writing about topics customers might not know about the company. Pub Subs and Publix Sweet Tea are her favorites, and you’ll always find her with an iced coffee in hand. Outside of work, Caroline enjoys traveling, watching college football and playing with her fur child.

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