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At Publix, our goal is to meet today’s needs without compromising what is essential for tomorrow. Green isn’t just our color; it’s our commitment. We know that as our customers, you may also be eager to learn how you can reduce your impact on the environment through sustainability, so our corporate sustainability team shared a few tips to help your efforts, both at home and at Publix.

Lessen Food Waste

Check your pantry before your next Publix trip and use the Publix mobile app to plan your grocery list. This will help reduce food waste and limit how many trips you make to the store.

Conserve Energy

Next time you wash a load of clothes, use cold water to save energy. You can also upgrade to LED lighting in your home — learn how this has helped us save.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Regularly check your tire pressure to save on gas and reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Reduce Paper Waste

Sign up for a Club Publix account and enroll in e-receipts to save paper.


Bring your paper, plastic and foam recyclables to our recycling bins. You can learn more about what items we accept and how to prepare them, and then find out where they go afterward.

Sustainable Products

Know how to look for and purchase sustainable seafood.

Reusable Products

When storing foods at home, try using glass jars to keep food fresher for longer. As always, remember to grab your reusable shopping bags!


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Kate has been a part of the Publix family since the fall of 2020 where she started on the social media team. She is passionate about serving our customers online and highlighting how Publix can enhance our readers’ lives by sharing recipe ideas, teaching new cooking techniques and educating about our company’s rich culture. When she’s not blogging, Kate enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling to new places and is an avid fan of reality television.

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