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Picture this: You’re nestled up next to the fireplace, wrapped in a cozy blanket, watching your favorite nostalgic holiday film. Sounds perfect, right? The only thing missing is snacks! Nothing goes better with a movie than popcorn, known for its buttery, salty flavor that’s downright addictive. But have you ever wondered whether this classic snack deserves more?

Popcorn is a blank canvas just waiting to be spiced up (or sweetened)! It’s quick and easy to make, so why not spend some time kicking it up a notch? We have suggestions for ways to elevate your popcorn to fit every flavor you could possibly crave.

Let’s Get Poppin’

Start with preparing the popcorn. Use an air popper or stovetop to pop the kernels, or follow the directions on a package of microwavable natural flavor popcorn. If you choose microwavable popcorn, choose one that is not already flavored. We need a blank canvas for these recipes!

Spice It Up

Now that your popcorn is ready, it’s time to take it to another level. In order to help seasoning stick to your popcorn, toss it with a small amount of neutral-tasting oil. Next, add your desired spices to taste; how much you use will vary depending on your desired flavor level and how much popcorn you made. Start small because you can always add more.

7 popcorn flavors in bowls on marble surface


Cilantro Chili Lime popcornChili powder, lime zest, fresh chopped cilantro and salt

Taco popcornTaco seasoning mix, tortilla strips and salt

Lemon Pepper popcornLemon & pepper seasoning, lemon zest and salt

Mac and Cheese popcorn – Nutritional yeast seasoning (for a cheesy flavor!), ground mustard and salt

Cinnamon Sugar popcorn Powdered sugar and ground cinnamon

Kettle popcornLight brown sugar, granulated sugar and salt

Hot Chocolate popcorn – Cocoa powder, chili powder and salt


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  1. Lacey

    Such a fun post! My boyfriend just bought us a hot air popper for Christmas and I can’t wait to try some of these out! Mac & Cheese popcorn sounds like the best of both worlds.

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