Three water bottles on white background. On the left is a clear water bottle with gray lid filled with watermelon mint infused water. To the left of the bottle are chunks and spheres of watermelon and mint leaves. In the middle is another clear water bottle with grey lid filled with lemon cucumber water. To the left of this bottle are lemon and cucumber slices. On the right is a third clear water bottle with grey lid filled with strawberry pineapple infused water. To the right of this water bottle are chunks of pineapple and some sliced and whole strawberries

Drinking water is important, but if flavored beverages are more your taste, meeting your H2O quota can be tough. Cue infused water to save the day! By incorporating your favorite fruits and herbs into your water, you can pack a lot of flavor into your daily water intake. The best part? It’s a great way to use up just about any fruit you have laying around before it goes bad. Here is your guide to making delicious and refreshing infused water at home or on the go.

How to Infuse

No matter which fruit and herb pairings you use, the infusion process is simple.

  1. Thoroughly clean your fruit and herbs prior to preparation.
  2. Slice up the fruit to your liking – you can even get creative and use a cookie cutter for fun shapes!
  3. Add your fruit and herbs to your vessel of choice, such as a mason jar, glass water bottle or pitcher.
  4. For best results, let the water infuse overnight in the refrigerator to really bring out the flavor.
  5. Store your infused water in an airtight container in the refrigerator to maintain freshness, and always check fruit after infusing to ensure no spoilage has occurred.
  6. Want to save time? Purchase frozen fruit to cut down on your prep time.

Check out some of our suggested parings below, including in-season fruit like strawberries. See a flavor combo missing? Let us know in the comments what we should try next!

Raspberry Lemon Sage

Glass of water filled with lemon slices, raspberries, sage leaves and an ice cube

Lime and Mint

Two glasses of water with lime wedges and link leaves with a round slice of lime on the rim of each glass. Off to the right is a clear glass pitcher of the lime and mint infused water

Apple Pear Cilantro

two Clear mason jars with handle filled with water and thinly sliced red apples, thinly sliced pears and cilantro. Red apple and pear are in the bottom right corner

Strawberry Lemon Basil

Two glasses of strawberry lemon basil infused water with lemon slices, strawberry slices and basil leaves

Blackberry Lemon Rosemary

Two glasses and a glass pitcher filled with blackberry, lemon and rosemary infused water

Watermelon Mint

Tall clear glass of infused sparkling water with chunks and spheres of watermelon and mint leaves. For garnish on the rim there is a watermelon slice and three mint leaves. There is a stream of sparkling water being poured into the glass

Lemon Cucumber

Four glasses lined up diagonally filled with water, lemon slices and cucumber slices

Strawberry Pineapple

glass of strawberry pineapple infused sparkling water. At the top of the image there is a stream of seltzer being poured into the glass. Glass is filled with pineapple chunks and strawberry slices.

Want to make your infused water sparkle? Try using plain seltzer instead of water for an extra zing! Sound off in the comments which infused water you’ll try first! 

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    These photos make me want to pull a Willy Wonka move and lick my screen they are so real! I’ve been infusing my water for a long time and these combinations are so fun!! Thanks for the new ideas!

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