Never been to a Publix? Wondering what to buy and what to try? You’ve come to the right place! We have locations in seven states across the Southeast near some of the country’s most popular destinations and attractions. So, we welcome first-time customers every day.

If you plan on making your way to a Publix soon, consider this your guide to purchasing some of our most iconic products and making your first trip to Publix a perfectly authentic one.

Fried Chicken

With its well-seasoned, crispy outer layer and juicy, tender meat, it’s easy to see why our fried chicken is one of our most beloved products. Pairing a box of fried chicken with a few of our grab & go deli sides makes for a classic Publix experience and a quick and easy meal on those busier vacation days.

Publix fried chicken on top of a white plate in front of a white background

Sweet Tea and Lemonade

Nothing quite beats the Southern heat like a swig of ice-cold Publix sweet tea or lemonade. You’ll find these products located near our deli in a variety of sizes and exciting flavors. They pair perfectly with another one of our most iconic products!

A pint of Publix deli sweet tea in front of a white background

Key Lime Pie

We returned to our roots with this Florida classic. Our award-winning Key lime pie is a perfect complement to any trip to the Sunshine State. Find out more about what makes this tropical treat so special.

Publix bakery key lime pie with two slices separated and sliced lime wedges on top of a white background

Buffalo-Style Chicken Breast Dip

This tangy and creamy creation can be enjoyed in many ways. As a true Publix Deli staple, we promise, it won’t let you down!

A container Publix deli buffalo style chicken dip on top of a white surface

Bakery Cookies

Resisting the temptation of these must-have treats can prove difficult even for locals. We offer many varieties, but if you want the classics, look no further than the chocolate chip and sugar cookies.

Close up picture of Publix bakery sprinkle cookies stacked on top of one another with sprinkles scattered across the surface in front of a white background

Ice Cream

Our premium ice cream had humble beginnings but has grown into a product our customers hold dear. What makes our ice cream special? We keep things interesting with our own unique flavor creations that rotate throughout the year.

Various containers of Publix Premium ice cream and frozen yogurt in front of a white surface

Decadent Dessert Cakes

Visiting our neck of the woods for a celebration? Our decadent dessert cakes are the way to go. These indulgent masterpieces are offered in a variety of flavors and add pizzazz to any occasion. One true hall of famer is our Chantilly cake.

Close up picture of Publix bakery chantilly cake on top of a white surface

Publix Subs

Honestly, no first-time Publix trip is complete without stopping by our deli to order a renowned #PubSub. These legendary sandwiches are tasty anywhere, anytime, but many would agree, there’s something extra special about enjoying them on the beach. You could say, it’s the “ultimate” experience.

Publix deli smoked rotisserie chicken sub sliced in half on top of a white surface

If after visiting Publix you’ve joined the rest of us in fandom, order some Publix merch to remember your visit and spread the love back home.



Austin B.

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Austin joined the Publix family in 2016. As a life-long native of Publix’s hometown, he is passionate about everything Publix has to offer! Austin is an avid participant in community theater as well as a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to try new things. Outside of work you’ll find him entertaining friends and family both on stage and in the kitchen. Austin is excited to share his love for food and Publix through The Publix Checkout!

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