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The truth about summer cookouts, family gatherings and just good food in general is that marinades and sauces are an absolute must. There are many different flavors and blends to choose from. Sure, there are tons of options you can purchase, but have you ever tried to make your own? If you’re like me, you love sauce, and the more the better! Our Aprons team created some delicious, non-traditional marinades and sauces for you to try and they don’t disappoint.


Making a marinade from scratch is simple and fun. Before you put anything on the grill, let it soak in these homemade marinades for delicious flavor.

Sweet and Smoky Barbecue Marinade – Brush onto pork ribs or serve with pulled pork.

Sweet Chili Marinade – During last five minutes of roasting, glaze your pork tenderloin for a sweet and spicy taste.

Coconut-Curry Marinade – Brush onto vegetables before roasting in the oven.

Ribs Marinade

Savory Sauces

Texas Thick and Spicy Barbecue Sauce – Add to your pulled pork and ribs for extra bold flavor.

Kansas City Barbecue Sauce – Use as a dipping sauce for grilled chicken.

Carolina Mustard Barbeque Sauce – Use this tangy and sweet sauce to add flavor to your pork sandwich.

Sweet Sauces

Caramel Espresso Sauce – Drizzle over banana bread or cheesecake for a late-night treat.

Chocolate Stout Sauce – Pour over ice cream for a twist on your traditional ice cream sundae.

Strawberry-Ginger Sauce – Mix into your favorite fruity cocktail.

Crepe and Strawberries with Chocolate Sauce





For more sauce inspiration, you can find additional Aprons recipes on our website. Which marinade or sauce will you make first? Log in to your Publix Account and let us know in the comments below.

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