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The old expression, “April showers bring May flowers,” is one we’re all familiar with. We can directly relate it to our springtime months, but did you know this saying was originally an expression of art? In 1557, Thomas Tusser wrote this short poem:

Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers

Although it can be related to the season, there is a deeper meaning behind the words. This expression is a reminder that bad times, such as heavy rains, can bring beautiful things in their wake, like a garden of flowers.

Whether you think of the expression in the literal or figurative sense, we can all agree that April showers really did bring us beautiful May flowers this season. Check out what’s blooming right now and fill your house with color!


05_15_Produce_KS_Flowers_Image 2 resizeTulips

This perennial bulb thrives in the spring and is the perfect way to liven up the color in your home or garden. You can plant or purchase tulips in almost every color, ranging from yellow to a very deep purple. Originating in Russia, this flower makes for an excellent border flower in the garden or a bright centerpiece in the home. And since the tulip is the third most popular flower in the world, second only to roses and chrysanthemums, you can bet it’ll please your family and guests!

05_15_Produce_KS_Flowers_Image 3 resizeGerbera Daisies

These low-maintenance flowers are incredibly bright and vibrant, making them perfect for spring décor or just a simple gesture to brighten someone’s day. Known as the “cheerful” flower, Gerbera daisies can be used to celebrate graduations, birthdays, and much more. And since these flowers are known for being long-lasting, you can look forward to bringing cheer to your home or office and having it stick around for quite a while.



05_15_Produce_KS_Flowers_Image 4 resizeBest known as cut flowers, alstroemerias (al·stroe·me·ri·as) are great flowers to couple with other seasonal beauties in a floral arrangement. Like the Gerbera daisies, they are long-lasting and come in practically every color except for true blue. Nicknamed “princess lilies” and “Peruvian lilies,” alstroemerias are the flowers of friendship, which make them perfect for house-warming gifts or just a “thinking of you” gesture. Be careful if you plant them, though —they’re referred to as “flower factories” and are known to spread and produce an impressive amount of blossoms!


Two light pink peoniesPeonies

Although peonies (pe·o·nies) are at their peak in the spring, this thriving flower is known for surviving through many seasons – even the chilly fall and early winter! Their blooms are what they are most famous for. They are brilliant, big, and blossoming, making them a perfect flower to spruce up the garden or the home. A fun fact about the peony? Greek mythology says that the physician to the gods was “saved” by being turned into this flower to live forever on earth.


05_15_KS_Flowers_Image 6 resizePublix Premium Bouquets

If you’re looking for a variety,  go for the Publix Premium Bouquets. Bright, vibrant, and long-lasting, these bouquets are beautiful for any season. Because these bouquets can consist of many different types of flowers, ask the florist at your store to help you pick out the perfect one for your home or special occasion!



The April showers brought some incredible May flowers. Which ones will you be using to brighten up your home?

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