Whole and half watermelons on a bright blue background

Watermelon is a great summer snack, and the sweeter it is, the better! It’s easy to tell if you chose a good watermelon once you cut and bite into it, but what if you could take the guess work out of it? We have the top three tips to help you pick the perfect watermelon every time you’re shopping in the produce department.

Field spots are your friend.

You’ll notice that many watermelon have a yellow spot on the rind. This is also known as a field spot — the spot where the watermelon rested on the ground. A large, creamy yellow spot indicates that the watermelon had more time to ripen, which means it will be nice and sweet and ready to enjoy.

Don’t judge a watermelon by its cover.

Shiny, picture-perfect watermelons may look appealing, but they won’t necessarily give you the best taste. Shiny melons tend to be under ripe. Look for a dull, matte rind for the optimal watermelon.

The heavier, the better.

Watermelon is made up of mostly water, hence its name, and a heavier watermelon will be full of water. This means that it will be juicy and ripe, so go for the one that feels heaviest for its size.


Now that you have the perfect watermelon, what will you do with it? Watermelon makes a great snack on its own, but it can also be a unique addition to many summertime dishes. Check out these recipes for inspiration.

Dry-Rub Steaks with Barbecue Sauce and Grilled Watermelon Salad

Steak and watermelon on white plate on wood background

Grilled Sausage and Watermelon Salsa Flatbreads

Flatbread filled with sausage and watermelon on a brown plate next to a small bowl of salsa on a grey background

Chili Ginger Steaks with Marinated Watermelon Salad

Steak on white plate with chili ginger sauce and watermelon in a small bowl on a white background

Simple Watermelon Ice Cream

Watermelon ice cream on a white bowl next to watermelon on a white plate on a light blue background



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