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If you love to read about ways to use your favorite products and foods in surprising ways, Aijana W. is going to be the blogger to watch. A member of the Publix family since 2014, Aijana loves to explore the diverse corners of social media and hopes you leave our blog with great ideas as well as a better sense of who Publix is as a company. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, trying new restaurants, and of course – eating Publix GreenWise Salted Caramel Ice Cream!

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Prepared green bean and multi colour bean for cooking

Beans fall into a food category called legumes, which includes lentils and peas. Often a forgotten and sometimes unwanted food item, beans have some really unique and beneficial qualities. In addition to being a source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, beans are full of fiber, and can be a versatile substitute for your next meatless … (Read the full story)

12_19_AJ_Deli_Cheese board_Image 1

When it comes to entertaining, some of us have our tried and true recipes and hosting ideas. Why not switch up your go-to appetizers with a different approach — a cheese plate? It’s easy to add something everyone will love and a cheese plate lends a sophisticated touch to any party. Keep reading for more … (Read the full story)

Cheerful family doing arts and crafts together at the table

Fall is a great time of year! The weather is cooler and the holidays are around the corner. If you’re ready to dive into pumpkin spice and everything nice, we have a little fall fun for you and your family. Colder temperatures can often mean more time indoors so why not make it enjoyable? Here … (Read the full story)

ice cream feezer aisle

At Publix, we are dedicated to being responsible citizens in our communities and we want to make sure we’re taking measures to protect our environment. When you think of protecting the environment or going green, does refrigeration come to mind? It does for us! Refrigeration and air conditioning systems use special coolants that may release … (Read the full story)

1569 Greenville NC June 2017 Opening Carts Entry

Convenience – it’s something you’ve come to expect from Publix. After all, our founder George Jenkins wanted his customers to feel the passion of the Publix spirit whenever they visited his stores. During the early years of Publix, we were known for the modern day conveniences such as scales in the stores, air conditioning, wide aisles and … (Read the full story)