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Alec H. started his career with Publix in 2012, serving in many roles in the store before transitioning into corporate first as an intern and eventually as a full-time associate on the Social Media team. He loves to bring you behind-the-scenes looks at our products, especially because he gets to learn something new each time he writes a new blog, too. Alec’s favorite holiday is Halloween, which is fitting since watching scary movies are is one of his favorite pastimes. When he’s not writing for the Publix Checkout or interacting with our customers on social media, you’ll find him playing with his two dogs (Buster and Diesel), jamming on his ukulele, playing video and board games, or running on the beautiful streets of St. Petersburg, FL.

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We often take trees for granted, but have you ever stopped to think of all the benefits they provide us every day? From forests containing thousands of trees to those surrounding your home, each has enormous potential to benefit not only the world, but your community. With the help of our friends at the Arbor … (Read the full story)


Did you know there are many ways Publix can help you succeed during college? From tuition reimbursement for our associates, a paid summer internship program, and special career events for students, Publix wants to help you succeed during your college career.


Tuition Reimbursement

The Publix tuition reimbursement program can help cover the cost of college classes. This program is available to our part-time and ThinkstockPhotos-639820410resizefull-time associates who are seeking graduate or undergraduate degrees. In addition, some individual courses, online programs, and technical training in appropriate areas of study can also be covered.  As long as an associate has six months of continuous service and works an average of 10 hours per week (which leaves plenty of time for studies!), they can be covered in this program. The areas of study which are covered, as well as reimbursement limits and other information, can be found here: If you are an associate, you can also ask your manager for more details as well.


Summer Internship Program

Are you a college student looking for a summer internship? How does  a paid, full time summer internship with a growing and reputable Fortune 500 company sound? Well, Publix has the opportunity you are looking for! Summer internships with Publix last 10 to 12 weeks between May and August, at our company blog pic 2resizefacilities in Lakeland, Florida. Our interns won’t be stuck fetching coffee, but will gain valuable hands-on experience, work on challenging projects, and network with professionals to develop valuable skills beyond what they can learn in a classroom. We also partner with Florida Southern College to provide dorm housing for our out-of-town interns. You can find more details on our summer internships here:


Career Events

Through partnerships with many colleges and universities, Publix often invites students to our corporate offices for the opportunity to meet with department College blog pic 1leaders and executives. Most recently, select students from a number of universities were invited to our corporate offices in Lakeland, Florida for our Real Estate Student Event. Department representatives and executives from  Real Estate, Legal, Business Analysis and Reporting BAR, Public Affairs, Construction, Environmental, and Facilities Design were in attendance to meet with students and hold round table meetings. Students were able to converse and learn from these professionals. John Harmon, the organizer of the Real Estate Student Event, explains that “..this event allows for us to be an example of Mr. George’s values of investing in others and giving back.  It provides an opportunity for students to network with Publix executives while also learning more about our great company.  Our associates have the chance to learn more about potential candidates for future job openings.”


Our founder, George Jenkins, believed in investing in others and giving back to his associates and the community. What better way to invest in our associates and community than investing in higher education? We encourage you to look into these opportunities, and once you graduate, come visit our Facebook careers page for exciting career prospects!