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Catalina H. became a Publix associate in 2012 and has thought of it as a home away from home ever since. When choosing what to write about, she thinks about her own life and what she wants to know more about – that way she can learn something new, too! Although her favorite Publix brand product is the Bakery Carrot Cake, you’ll probably find her snacking on peppers and drinking lots of water when writing her blogs. Outside of work, Catalina enjoys fitness, reading, crafting, and exploring new things (do you see a theme here?).

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At Publix, the value of being involved as responsible citizens in our communities is one we all have in common. George Jenkins, our founder, helped us understand the importance of giving back. When asked how much he thought he would be worth if he hadn’t given so much away, he humbly answered, “probably nothing.” To this day, we’re committed to finding opportunities to help our communities grow and thrive by engaging the hearts and minds of our associates and customers ― hence Publix Serves Day was born!


Publix Serves DayHomeless Empowerment Program

Publix Serves Day is an annual company tradition that began in 2015. As a company, we wanted to foster the passion for giving back that comes naturally to our associates. We set out to organize a day in which we bring together our time and talents to help locally in ways that align with our passion for improving our communities with a focus on youth, education, and the plight of the hungry and homeless.

Partners and Volunteers

Last year, over 4,500 Publix associates volunteered to serve our communities on this special day, working with organizations in each community that needed our help and aligned with our pillars. We teamed up with more than 135 different organizations in the southeast. Whether they needed help adding a fresh coat of paint, cleaning up a landscape, or stocking shelves in a food pantry, our associates spent the day working to meet the needs of these incredible nonprofit organizations.


This year, Publix Serves Day was held on Tuesday, April 4. We invite you to stay tuned to our Facebook  page to see pictures of the amazing efforts of our associates!

Are you a part of an organization that has received the help of Publix associates? We would love to hear from you! Share your experience below.