Karleigh W.


Karleigh W. started working at Publix in 2013 as a front service clerk. Now she’s exploring the corporate side of her favorite company as one of our 2019 summer interns. Karleigh studies communication and public relations at Florida Gulf Coast University. She loves to write and serve customers, so she’s very excited to contribute to The Publix Checkout. Outside of work, Karleigh likes to spend time with her husband and their cat, Cici. She also likes to cook, bake, bowl and take advantage of all the fun things to do in Central Florida.

Posts by Karleigh W.

Mathematicians and foodies rejoice — Pi Day is here! This holiday comes around just once a year on March 14, since the date corresponds to the mathematical constant, pi (3.14). You could celebrate Pi Day by using it as an excuse to enjoy a classic apple pie from your local Publix bakery, but if you’re looking to take the festivities into your own hands (and kitchen) we have just the inspiration you need. Sweet … (Read the full story)

At Publix, we care about our customers’ strive to eat well. That’s why we support the Seafood Nutrition Partnership and its Eat Seafood America campaign, which brings awareness to the nutritional benefits of eating seafood. You might be surprised to learn about the health benefits that come with eating different kinds of seafood. The Dietary Guidelines recommend eating fish at least twice per week, about eight ounces total. We’re here to tell … (Read the full story)

Mediterranean cuisine spread.

Our final destination on our passport around the world blog series is sure to satisfy any lingering cravings. Get ready to enjoy some delicious Mediterranean dishes! Mediterranean cuisine captures a wide variety of cultural variance as it covers the entire region around the Mediterranean Sea, which includes Asia, Europe and Africa. The cuisine is typically defined by an abundance of fresh vegetables, olive oil, fresh herbs, seafood and grilled meat. Transport … (Read the full story)

Step aside chocolate! The season of bright, refreshing flavors is here. That’s right, we’re talking about lemons. This tangy fruit’s flavor is the star of the show in our new bakery limited edition desserts. From pie and cheesecake bites to strudel and signature bar cake, these lemon-flavored desserts are sure to brighten up any summer … (Read the full story)