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We’ve got your very own culinary school right in your back yard – well not literally, but pretty close! If your cooking skills need a little help or you love to cook, we have exactly the thing to peak your interest. Whether you’re looking to spice up a date night or hoping to learn the basics of a blender, classes at our Aprons Cooking School will show you the way.

Celebrity Chef

Can you imagine any better way to learn the tricks of the trade than from your favorite celebrity chef? Enhance your cooking skills while tasting delicious foods from around the world with a class hosted by a star. These food experts are famous for knowing their way around the kitchen, and they’re here to dish their secrets!

Pairing Topics

Looking for help choosing the best wine to complement your meal? Or perhaps you prefer beer? Our chefs know just the right combo to add pizazz to your meal. These classes are perfect for a night out with friends or even that special someone. Our experienced chefs will cook up several delicious courses, including desserts, and pair them with the perfect beverage.

Cooking Techniques and Demonstrations

If you’re interested in expanding your cooking skills beyond the microwave we’re here to help! Our Cooking Technique classes offer a personal setting with hands-on experience of an array of culinary methods. Jump in and grab a pan to improve your technique or learn a new skill.  With our demonstration-style cooking classes you can sit back, relax and watch our chefs prepare culinary masterpieces right before your eyes. Then the best part — you get to eat it!

Special Topics

From tomatoes to oysters, you’ll love these classes. Each class focuses on an assortment of topics and cuisines such as French cooking and brunch basics. Let’s be honest, we all have kitchen utensils that are collecting dust in the cupboard. Let’s break them out and try something new! It’s always a great feeling to wow your guests when you’re cooking for a special occasion.

Talk of the Town

PrintThese chefs have taken the local market by storm. Whether it’s the atmosphere or the food itself, these chefs have grown to become celebrities in your very own neighborhood and they are here to show you the inside scoop on how their restaurants have become a culinary success.

Kids and Teen Topics

Our kids and teen topics are perfect for those between the ages of 8-18. With topics covering breakfast favorites, lunchtime classics, and delicious dinners, your children are bound to love the hands-on experience while learning how to wow Mom and Dad in the kitchen! Now, we can’t guarantee your child will come back mess-free, but we can promise they will have a great time learning the fundamentals of cooking!

Custom Classes

With our Aprons Cooking Schools you can even schedule private, customized classes for special occasions from birthdays and anniversaries to company team-building events. We’re available to meet your needs.

Would you like to see a specific class offered at your local Aprons Cooking School? We’d love to hear from you.


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