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Great news! Publix, in collaboration with BayCare now has twelve Telehealth Clinics in Publix Pharmacies. The Walk-In Care provided by Caycare is a cost-effective and efficient process and gives you the ability to speak virtually with a doctor on call. If you’re not familiar with telehealth sites, they function similarly to traditional walk-in clinics, but operate without physical contact with a care provider. Your care will be handled over a computer screen through video technology.

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Board-certified doctors through BayCare’s network can diagnose minor, non-emergency conditions in patients age two and up, such as flu-like symptoms, cold, cough, conjunctivitis (pink eye), low grade fever, possible sinus infections, skin rashes, swimmers ear and more. For more information on what’s treated, visit Pharmacy Walk In Care.

After your visit, the treating physician can issue certain prescriptions that can be electronically transmitted to the in-store Publix Pharmacy.

How does it work, you ask? Great question!

Baycare Kiosk with Patient

  1. Tell a Pharmacy associate that you want to use the Walk-In Care and they’ll help get everything set up in a room next to the Pharmacy and answer any questions you may have. Find a location here.
  2. On-screen prompts will connect you to a doctor, and you speak with them over video conferencing.
  3. With the doctor’s guidance, you use the variety of tools in the room connected to the monitor— thermometers, pulse and blood pressure monitors, etc. The doctor will see your results in real time!
  4. When finished, you can pick up any prescriptions at the Publix Pharmacy or any other pharmacy of your choice.

Publix Director of Media and Community Relations, Maria Brous, spoke about this newest service option and collaboration recently. “Pharmacists are a part of many patients’ wellness plans, and our Publix Pharmacists have been serving our communities through a variety of services like vaccinations, health screenings, free and discounted medications and more.” “This Walk-In Care clinic takes our partnership with physicians to a new level. Together, we’ll help keep our community feeling well.” You can watch an informational video and learn more about the new Walk-In Care provided by Baycare at Publix Pharmacy’s here.

Fine Print:
Walk-In Care BayCare telemedicine service is a consultation with a licensed physician provided through the electronic exchange of medical information from one site to another. Walk-In Care is not Publix. It is provided by a BayCare physician or a designated affiliate of BayCare. Walk-In Care can only be provided for patients ages two and older. Walk-In Care is not intended to replace regular visits to your primary care physician. Walk-In Care is not appropriate if you are experiencing a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention. In case of a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911.

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