Coffee Affogato. Ice cream with coffee, caramel sauce and biscotti.

The day doesn’t begin without a cup of coffee, right? You don’t have to settle for a plain cup of coffee when at home. Instead, channel your inner barista skills and make impressive coffee drinks right in your kitchen! Are you a hot coffee drinker, or do you prefer an iced coffee? Maybe you have the skills to steep your own cold brew or know how to make a homemade macchiato. Whether you’re a novice or a coffee expert, we have the perfect hacks to take your coffee to the next level.

  1. Add a scoop of ice cream to your cold brew. If you enjoy a sweeter coffee drink, you will love our Publix Aprons® cold brew caramel affogato
  2. Opt for honey. Add honey to your coffee as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweetener.
  3. Try it whipped. If you haven’t jumped on the dalgona whipped coffee trend, you’re missing out. It’s delicious and easy to make. Just follow our step-by-step guide.Gourmet coffee step by step
  4. Add kitchen spices to your coffee to switch up the flavor. If you’re tired of the same old flavor, try adding a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg or hazelnut to your cup! It’s an easy and fun way to experiment with new flavors.
  5. Make coffee ice cubes! If you’re drinking iced coffee, don’t let it get watered down. Use an ice tray, fill it with coffee and freeze before adding cubes to your cup. You can also use these coffee cubes if your hot coffee needs cooling down. For more fun hacks check out this ice cube life hack blog.
  6. Mix your own sweetened creamer. Pour milk or cream and stir in a drop or two of vanilla extract. It will add just the right amount of sweetness! Try almond extract for a different flavor.Coffee Ice Cubes


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