Two glass cups of layered whipped coffee with milk on the bottom and coffee foam on top

There are plenty of good reasons to make your own coffee at home. It’s cheaper, saves time and is more customizable. You don’t have to feel limited to a basic cup of joe, either. With minimal time and effort, you can whip up your own version of your favorite gourmet beverage options from your usual coffee spot.

From trendy treats like dalgona coffee to decadent drinks like a chocolate-caramel macchiato milkshakes, consider this your guide to mastering delicious gourmet coffee concoctions.

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is also known as whipped or fluffy coffee. Its name stems from a popular toffee candy in South Korea. It is a tasty coffee beverage consisting of two layers — hot or cold milk and frothy coffee cream. The layered look gives the beverage a beautiful aesthetic, but we recommend mixing the layers before consuming for optimal flavor.

Dalgona coffee is made using instant coffee, sugar, water and milk — although there is room for customization! Substitute milk with your preferred alternative plant-based milk or swap out granulated sugar with brown sugar or coconut sugar.

TIP: The ratio of instant coffee to water to sugar should always be 1:1:1. If you use 1 tablespoon of instant coffee, you should also use 1 tablespoon of water and 1 tablespoon of sugar, but feel free to increase the amounts of each ingredient proportionately to make multiple servings.

3 glass bowls showing the stages the instant coffee goes through as it is whipped


  1. Combine instant coffee, sugar and water in a mixing bowl.
  2. Use a handheld mixer, stand mixer, milk frother or whisk by hand to combine and whip ingredients until stiff peaks form (when completed, the mixture should hold its shape).
  3. For a hot beverage, add hot milk into a cup. Then, scoop the frothy coffee mixture on top of the milk, stir and enjoy.
  4. For a cold beverage, add ice to cup and pour cold milk over the ice. Then, scoop the frothy coffee mixture on top of the milk, stir and enjoy.

Indulgent Coffee Treats

If decadent coffee-house inspired beverages are more your style, our Aprons® team has you covered. Try your hand at a Publix Aprons® mocha frappe, chocolate-caramel macchiato milkshakes or cold brew caramel affogato. These drinks can kickstart your day or serve as a delicious dessert.


Caramel macchiato milkshake


Now that you have the tools to tackle gourmet coffee at home, we hope that you’ll feel more confident being your own barista next time you’re craving a delicious coffee beverage.

Do you have any tips to prepare tasty coffee treats at home? Let us know in the comments!





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