How do you have a space party? You planet! Ha-ha, get it? The invitations are out and now it’s time for this party to blast off! With a little creativity, you can be moon walking in no time.

T-Minus 9 Minutes to Blast Off

Your little astronaut is ready to explore the Milky Way! There is no limit to space exploration during this party. Before the engines can engage to launch your party, you need to set up your party space. All of the food on this table is easy to make and fun for children to munch on.

The stars are aligning with these star sandwiches.



These strawberry, marshmallow and pineapple rockets are out of this world and simple to create!


The moon is made of cheese, right? Maybe not, but these cheese and cracker snacks are a nice addition to your space-themed party.


Rocket Boosters

Now that everything is strapped in for the party, your guests can blast off, but don’t forget to add some fun with space games! Depending on the ages of the children at the party, you can keep them entertained with these games.

Primary Stage

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Younger children will love this asteroid-themed scavenger hunt. Paint some rocks with bright colors and hide them around your house or outside. The goal of the game is to collect the most painted rocks.

Secondary Stage

If the children at the party are a little bit older, you can play Saturn’s Rings! String some doughnuts from your ceiling and allow the children to try to eat the doughnuts without using their hands. This is harder than it looks, but a lot of fun. Powder doughnuts are not recommended if you don’t want a powdery mess on your hands or on the floor.



If your children enjoy playing corn hole, they will love Mission Space! For this game, you can use paper bags and tape pictures of the planets on the outside. Keep score as the kids throw the beanbags into the buckets.


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