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February is National Wedding Month, which means busy times for everyone in the event planning industry. After all, such a large occasion calls for perfect linens, the most amazing attire, and of course ― the most sensational desserts. The tradition of newlyweds cutting the wedding cake is a long standing one — complete with the cake smash to the face. Couples often spend days debating cake flavors, frosting options, and whether or not they will be cute, neat, and tidy or have an all out food fight.

Sure, a three-tier white wedding cake with a newlywed couple cake-topper is classic, but what about the brides and grooms who want to break the mold and try something a little less traditional? Luckily, there are many new twists on this classic for today’s couples. Grab a fork and your sweet tooth as we dive in and explore modern wedding dessert options that are making traditions of their own.


Rather than having your venue cut and serve your cake, why not make it easy for guests to serve themselves? Cupcakes are making big waves in the wedding industry. Not only are they easy to serve, but we specialize in these tiny treats and can create masterpieces worthy of a museum for your special day. Cupcakes can be displayed on tiers to appear visually similar to the traditional cake. Some couples even opt to still have the top tier as an actual cake so they can have the cutting experience. Cupcakes are a fun and tasty way to keep some of the tradition while giving it a special flair.

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Cake Pops

Putting delicious food on a stick is never a bad idea (you’ve been to the state fair, right?). Couples who appreciate the fun ease of having cake on a stick are partial to cake pops for wedding desserts. Not only are these pops usually more moist than traditional wedding cake, they can also be ordered in a variety of flavors and can be decorated to look like just about anything you can dream up. Craft a DIY (Do It Yourself) cake pop holder that matches your theme and you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing addition to your reception.

Candy Bars

No, we’re not just talking about lining up a bunch of Snickers and Milky Ways on a table. Think bigger —jars and bowls filled with only the best candy, candy that matches your color scheme, and take-home jars, bags, or boxes for your guests to fill to the top with the treats of their choice. Not only is this a cool twist on the traditional cake dessert, it can also double as a party favor. Still want something similar to the cake smash? Feed a large bubble gum ball to your significant other and blow bubbles at the same time. When you’re ready, you can each take a jab at the other’s bubble and see whose face gets more covered!

Cookie Buffets

Cookies can be a neat wedding dessert, especially if you have a crowd with eclectic taste. Since there is such a variety of cookies, you can appeal to just about anyone — even those who prefer sugar-free delectables! Some couples opt for the traditional cookies (chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, etc.) bundled up and tied with a bow while others prefer iced cookies that incorporate their theme or a monogram. It’s easy to get creative with cookies and they’re great for the bride on a budget, too. If you’re looking to add even more to the party, serve up tall glasses of milk for dunking fun!

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Natural Desserts

Not every dessert has to be baked. For the health-conscious couples or those just looking for something completely different from the norm, try a build-your-own-fruit-salad bar! Line up a nicely decorated table with colorful fruits and let guests pick their favorites. You can jazz it up by offering bits of dark chocolate, caramel and chocolate fruit dip, and whipped cream. Not a fan of the fruit salad? Offer guests long kabob sticks instead and watch as they build their perfect portable dessert.

Themed Desserts

When it comes to switching up your dessert options, let your theme inspire you. Leaning toward a country wedding? Why not set up a table that looks like a county fair’s “pie contest”? You could even make ribbons for which ones “won” first, second, and third! If you’re having a holiday-themed wedding, try a hot chocolate and coffee bar complete with biscotti and other sweet treats. Ice cream is great for summertime weddings and breakfast buffets are always fun for brunch-time weddings (did someone say donuts?!). If your theme is centered around a city, try looking up famous desserts that coincide. Whatever you decide to do, own your creativity and get excited when the time comes to serve up dessert. The guests will feed off your energy and, let’s be honest — dessert is the best part (besides the whole celebrating an eternal love thing).

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There you have it — several ways you can mix up the traditional wedding dessert classic. Be sure to check out our Bakery website for all the ways we can help make your special day even sweeter. And if you’re planning a wedding or attending one this season, be sure to snap pics of the dessert and upload them to Pinterest to share the inspiration!

What was the best wedding dessert you enjoyed? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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