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We know that as you rush out the door for a hectic day, the last thing on your mind is cooking up a full meal, but did you know eating breakfast will do more than energize you for your busy schedule? According to a study by the National Weight Control Registry, it can help maintain your weight, too. Let us help you make a balanced and quick breakfast before you go!


Balanced Breakfast

To make it easy for you to build a balanced morning treat, Jennifer Patzkowsky, a registered dietitian nutritionist and Publix corporate dietitian, put together this chart with suggestions. Simply select 2–3 out of the 5 food groups and voila!*






Eggs Low-fat
string cheese
wheat bread
Banana Diced
peppers and onions
smoothie drink
whole wheat waffles
Berries Mushrooms
Oats Apple
sliced lunch meat
milk or milk alternative
grain, low sugar cereal
fruit (with no added sugar)
Diced tomatoes


Quick Breakfast

We know how important on-the-go breakfast is for your busy schedule, so we compiled a list of ideas that will help get you through your day without hurting your waistline.

  • Mini Breakfast Casserole: Prep your breakfast ahead of time. Whisk eggs, chopped veggies, and shredded low-fat cheese together, then pour into a muffin tin to bake! Add fruit to complete your meal.
  • Pure Parfait:  In a container, layer low-fat Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, flax, chia or hemp seeds, and granola or your favorite whole grain cereal for a refreshing morning.
  • Breakfast Sandwich: If you like classic breakfast sandwiches, you can make your own! Toast a whole-grain English muffin, add low-fat cheese and sliced GreenWise lunchmeat before warming it in the microwave for a melted delight. Grab a piece of fruit and you’re good to go!
  • Overnight Apple Berry Oats: Adding fiber to your breakfast can help curb your appetite. Try this Aprons recipe for overnight oats06_12_CH_Breakfast_Image1!
  • Simple Smoothie: Choose a liquid such as low-fat milk or milk alternative, add spinach and protein powder (if desired), and blend with your favorite frozen or fresh fruit! Add a little something extra with chia, flax, or hemp seeds. Some recipes to try are our Peach Mango Protein Smoothie and Berry PB Protein Smoothie



These are just a few options to help you add breakfast to your daily routine. For more ideas, check out our post about on-the-go breakfasts. Let us know what your breakfast go-to’s are in the comments below.

*Food quantities vary by individual dietary needs. For reference, check out the USDA’s SuperTracker at

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