Gingerbread Publix store with candy snowmen, trees, carts, and gingerbread shoppers.

We know our fans love checking out the newest Publix locations, so we’re excited to share the sweetest and smallest one of all: the Publix Super Markets Gingerbread Store! Just in time for the holiday season, this fun-to-decorate kit is now available in stores. It has everything you need to combine your love of Publix with the classic tradition of building gingerbread houses with loved ones.

Festive Features

  • Prebaked and notched gingerbread for building your masterpiece
  • White, red, green and black icing to assemble and decorate the newest supermarket at the North Pole
  • Magical miniature shopping carts
  • Swirly twirly peppermint candy tree
  • Holly jolly holly and berries
  • Merry and bright assorted candy lights
  • Cheerful assorted gumdrops
  • Joyful red and green jelly rings

The kit also includes the instructions for prepping, assembling and decorating your picture-perfect new store. After you put it all together, it’s time to make it your own! We have some suggestions for how you can add even more seasonal magic to your brand-new tiny shopping center.

Pieces of gingerbread, candy and icing.

Gingerbread Customers

What’s a store without customers? Whip up your own gingerbread people and let the little ones decorate their own!

Decorated gingerbread people on cooling rack with plain gingerbread people in a stack and on a sheet pan

Sweetest Snowmen

If you didn’t build a snowman, did it really snow? Combine marshmallows, mini pretzel sticks, colored icing and licorice to make your own cool pal.

Marshmallow snowmen with pretzel arms and candy features

Tiny Trees

Did you know you can purchase your Christmas tree at Publix? Your tiny store can have its own with peanut butter cups, green icing and sprinkles.

Christmas trees made of peanut butter cups, green frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Sugary Snow

Experience a white Christmas at your little shopping center with a dusting of powdered sugar!

What will you name your new shopping center? Share your creations with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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