ON-DAIRY-CHOCOLATE-COCOA-CHIP frozen dessert flavor

Want to enjoy a delicious frozen treat without the dairy? With all the flavor of a delicious dessert, these frozen treats are made with a base blend of almonds and coconut oil, creating the perfect combination of smooth and sweet. Check out our flavor options below and head to your store today to pick some up. It’s time to treat yourself!


Strawberry: strawberry frozen dessert with strawberries

Chocolate Cocoa Chip: chocolate frozen dessert with sweet cocoa chips

Chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert in a bowl

Peanut Buttery Cocoa Chip: peanut buttery frozen dessert with sweet cocoa chips

Peanut Butter non dairy frozen dessert



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8 Comments on “Check it Out: Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

  1. Braulio

    Are these ice creams vegan? i.e. Non of the ingredients are animal products, derived from them, or produced by means of them? Is any of the sugar refined with bone char?

  2. Terry

    I would love to try these non dairy desserts, but cannot, as they contain almonds. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue. Could you consider leaving the nuts out?

    1. Alixandra

      I’d love to see something like a mint chocolate chip…though man if you guys could recreate a dairy free version of the Mackinac fudge that’s in the mint moose tracks…that’s all I would ever buy. Or a chocolate with peanut butter swirl. And maybe espresso chip!

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