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“We’re here to help customers with any issue, no matter how big or small.”

Right from the start, Mr. George taught that premier customer service would be essential to the success of Publix. When you’re shopping in our stores, you’ll see this everywhere you look, from the friendly cashiers and front service clerks to the knowledgeable fresh food and grocery associates. On the occasion that you wish to speak with someone at our Corporate offices, we want to make sure you have that same premier experience you expect at our stores, and our Customer Care team works diligently to make that desire a reality.

“We are the gateway to all of Publix. We find the right person in any department to answer your questions.”

The Customer Care team is responsible for engaging with the tens of thousands of people who call and email every month with praises for their local store or associate, questions and suggestions about products, coupons, or policies, or the occasional issue that may arise while shopping with us. By listening and responding to each customer, this team’s goal is similar to everyone’s at Publix:  to make your shopping experience a pleasure.


“Our team works to ensure that you receive our premier customer service at all times.”

Consider these folks your experts on everything from questions about your  Publix Account to the details of our coupon policy. No matter the issue, our Customer Care team will know the answer, or will find it for you! Thousands of questions and concerns can be taken care of right away, but for those more complicated ones, it often only requires a day or two to find the right information.

“Most of the time, we can take care of whatever you’re sharing with us right when you contact us. If not, we get it to the people who can, and follow up with customers once we get an answer.”

No matter the reason, our Customer Care associates are happy to speak with you. Email them at any time of the day or night using our Contact Us page, or give them a call at our toll-free number here:

+1 (800) 242-1227
8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday-Friday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, Saturday

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A Publix associate since 2015, Sam P. likes to describe Publix with just one word – sincere. He enjoys working in social media because of the opportunity to speak to a wide assortment of people from every corner of our operating states. Sam’s favorite holiday is July 4th because it has two of his favorite things – fireworks and family time. When not writing his favorite blogs about grilling, Sam enjoys reading, taking long drives, and playing the violin. He’s also a huge soccer fan – go Orlando City!

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