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Sometimes it’s the sweet things that count, right? If the mom in your life is known for having a sweet tooth, what better way to surprise her this Mother’s Day than with a homemade treat?  Not only are they delicious, but they’re simple to make too! Check out these five great, kid-friendly dessert ideas to delight Mom.


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Parfaits come in all flavors and sizes, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Take the kids to the Produce department and pick out Mom’s favorite fruits. With the addition of low-fat Greek yogurt and granola, you’ll be ready to start her morning off with a smile!  If you need a tasty recipe, check out this Berry Parfait our Aprons team put together.


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You know what makes something extra special? When you take the time to make it yourself! Now, we know baking can be time consuming so our Aprons chefs put together this quick, colorful, and easy Crayon Cakes recipe. You can let the kids know, no crayons will be harmed!



Peanut Butter Cookies05_01_Aprons_CH_MothersDayDesserts_image 4

If you are looking for another easy recipe, this cookie is calling your name. Our Aprons Peanut Butter Cookies may only have four ingredients, but they will make the lucky moms that receive them “ooh” and “aah” with delight. For some extra fun with the kids, try playing around with fun shapes!



S’mores Pizza

If Mom is a chocolate lover, then you know what to give her! This year, go a step beyond simply getting her a box of chocolates. Bake her some brownies, make some fudge or even cook up this S’mores Pizza — a twist on a fan favorite.




Movie Theater Yogurt05_01_Aprons_CH_MothersDayDesserts_image 6

Many times the best gift is some time spent together! On this Mother’s Day, plan a family movie date. Pick out one of Mom’s favorite films or one you both want to watch, make these unique Movie Theater Yogurt cones and cozy up on the couch. Time to let Mom relax and spend time with her family!


With these gifts, not only will mom’s sweet tooth be satisfied, her heart will be filled with joy knowing all the thought and effort that went into it. If you don’t see a treat that fits her taste, don’t worry, these are just five of dozens of yummy Aprons dessert recipes!


What delicious treat is the mom in your life going to be enjoying on her special day? We can’t wait to see the pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


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