A homemade movie snack tray with a soda bottle, a cup filled with candy and a paper bag filled with popcorn.

The birds are chirping, the skies are clear, and the beautiful weather brings more opportunities to spend quality time in the great outdoors. We’re always ready to watch a movie, so why not move it outside for an adventure? Kids and adults alike will enjoy seeing their favorite flicks under the stars. Every movie night has one thing in common — snacks! Get the whole family involved when making these fun DIY snack boxes. There’s one for everyone.

DIY Craft: Movie Snack Box

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Empty cereal box
  • Scissors or a box cutter
  • Plain paper
  • Tape
  • Stickers, markers, etc.

Let’s get started:

  1. Carefully cut three openings in the front of your cereal box. These openings should be approximately sized for the snacks of your choice.
  2. Wrap the outside of the snack box with plain paper and tape.
  3. Use markers, stickers and anything else you may have around to decorate! Each family member can customize a box to make it their own.

This image shows the steps of creating a snack box out of a cereal box. Cut out holes for items, cover box in paper, decorate with stickers.

Now that your snack box is decorated and ready to go, it’s time to fill it with snacks. Part of the fun of movie night is letting everyone pick out their favorite drinks and fare. Here are some themed suggestions to inspire you.


Classic Movie Theater Snack Box:

When we think of movie theater snacks, the first thing that comes to mind is popcorn. To make the most of the space in your snack box, open a paper lunch bag and fold it down a few times to create a DIY popcorn bag. Then, place it in the largest opening in your box and fill it with the fan favorite.

Must-have items:

  • Popcorn
  • Candy
  • Drink
  • Paper Bag
  • Cupcake liner

This image shows a classic movie snack-inspired box with soda, colorful candy and popcorn in a box decorated with paper and stickers.


Grown-Up Charcuterie Snack Box:

Charcuterie on the go? Yes, please. Head over to our charcuterie board guide to get some meat and cheese inspiration, then pair it with your favorite fruit. Don’t forget the wine!

Must-have items:

  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • Mini wine bottle

This image features a paper-wrapped snack box with a mini bottle of wine in a cup, sliced cheese in a cup, rolled cold cuts in a cup and nuts, more cheese and more meat in another cup.


Better Choice Snack Box:

Seeking better choice snacks doesn’t mean you have to forfeit those classic salty and sweet flavors. Head over to your local Publix’s produce department and pick up a container of your favorite roasted nuts or trail mix. Then, pick out a finger-food-friendly fruit, like grapes and/or strawberries.

Must-have items:

  • Roasted nuts
  • Fruit
  • Water

The image includes a paper-covered snack box with a bottle of water, a cup filled with sliced strawberries, a cupcake liner filled with cashews, and a cup with carrots.


Once your snack box is packed with delicious goodies, it’s time to head outside to revel in the beauty of nature, enjoy a beloved motion picture and munch on your treats. No matter what snacks or movie you select, there’s nothing better than creating these memories with those you love.

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