Ice cream-shaped royal icing cookies being decorated.

Sugar cookies and royal icing are the perfect duo. With royal icing, the decorating possibilities are endless as you can use any color or texture to cover your sugar cookies. If you’re not familiar with royal icing, it’s made with powdered sugar, egg whites and flavoring. It hardens to hold its shape and melts in your mouth.

To get started, check out our Aprons® recipe for Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing. Gather the ingredients listed, along with food coloring, decorating tools and themed cookie cutters, and begin baking! Traditionally, families make these cookies during the holidays but can really fit into any theme. With endless design possibilities, these nostalgic cookies deserve recognition year-round. Brush off your rolling pin and aprons and start a new tradition with your family!

When we think of summer, we think of relaxing in the sun, enjoying an ice cream cone and eating fresh watermelon on the beach. Check out our summer sugar cookie inspiration below along with some helpful tips before you start!

Beach-themed royal icing decorated cookies on white surface.

Watermelon royal icing decorated cookies on white surface.

Ice cream-themed royal icing cookies on white surface

Watermelon royal icing cookies step-by-step process.


  • If you don’t have summer-themed cookie cutters at home, feel free to use traditional shapes like circles and triangles and let your imagination run wild! We used these shapes to create beach balls and watermelon slices.
  • For less mess, use a plastic bag, cut off the corner and add your icing. Use a spoon or knife for spreading.
  • Mix up more icing than anticipated so you have enough to create the right shade of color for all the cookies you want to make.
  • If your icing is too thin, add a little more powdered sugar until you reach the perfect consistency. Too thick? Add a little water.
  • Let your cookies cool completely on wire racks or baking sheets before decorating so your icing doesn’t melt.
  • Use your icing immediately or transfer to a covered container. Royal icing hardens when exposed to air.
  • Cover unused icing with an air-tight container for later use.
  • You can add sprinkles and decorative toppings before the icing dries for extra pizzazz to your designs.

Summer-themed royal icing cookies on white background..


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