For avid seafood lovers, there aren’t many things better than the first bite of fresh fish. At Publix, we offer a great seasonal domestic selection in our Seafood department. What domestic options are available, you ask? You can catch some of them below!


The grouper found in our fresh seafood case is caught off the coast of Florida! Not only is it fresh, it is also sustainable due to the management and assessment of the population of grouper in the area. Looking for an easy grouper meal? Check out our Aprons Recipes or ask our friendly seafood associates for more preparation ideas.

Alaskan Salmon and Halibut

Our Alaskan fish is always fresh, never frozen. This fish arrives to our stores within 48 hours of being caught to guarantee freshness. In Alaska, the season for salmon is May through October. While halibut is available during March through November. Want to learn more about our domestic fresh catches? Check out our website.


Have you tried any of our Publix brand wild shrimp? We have both Wild Whites and Florida Pinks. These U.S Shrimp selections can be found in our seafood freezer section. We also offer brown shrimp along with pink shrimp, which you can find in our seafood service case. Don’t forget to check out our prepared seafood cook-in-bags.


We strive to source all of our snapper, which is available year round, as close as possible to our operating states. When sourcing domestically, our yellowtail and mutton snapper come from the Florida Keys, and our red snapper comes from the Florida Panhandle, Louisiana, and Texas. If you would like to view all of the snapper that we offer, check out our Reel Variety page.


These are just a few of the domestic seafood options that we offer in our stores. To stay informed on our domestic seafood efforts, look out for our new state labels located in the fresh seafood case at your local store. To learn more about our new state labeling check out our blog here.




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