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With the year more than halfway over, I have a question for you—how are your 2019 resolutions going? I hope you’re sticking with them, but understand how often life can trip us up, causing us to swerve off course from our goals. We’ve prepared the perfect list of tips and tricks to eat better in a time crunch. You can still pull off balanced meals to meet your health goals—even on the busiest days—with our simple shortcuts, tips and step-savers.

Smarter Shopping

Plan your week by selecting quick meals to fit your health and wellness goals. You can mix and match your family’s favorites so putting together the day’s meals is a breeze.

Frozen Food





  • Publix offers a variety of fresh and frozen seafood, from shrimp, scallops and clams to salmon, tuna and halibut. Fish is one of the fastest proteins to cook.
  • Our Pan-Roasted Fish with Rice and Cilantro-Edamame Pesto includes several time-savers: shelled edamame, precooked quinoa and rice, prechopped garlic, lightly dried cilantro and bottled lime juice.


  • For lunch, our Publix subs are a great option when you’re out and about during your busy work week. Add lean meats and pile high with veggies! For the little ones, check out some of the Kids Bento Box.
  • Our oven-roasted deli chicken is as tasty as it is versatile.

For five fast and smart ideas, check below.


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One last recommendation to try is grocery delivery or pickup from Publix, powered by Instacart. With the time saved, it helps to make better choices even easier! Choosing how you eat is uniquely personal. It’s about your needs, your preferences and your goals. I hope these fresh ideas, recipes and wellness icons make it easier to shift toward wiser food choices to get you back on track and have a successful remainder of the year!



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