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‘Tis the season for delicious, creamy eggnog. This beverage is one with its very own holiday spirit. Traditionally, it is consumed around the holidays and through the winter months. For decades Publix has produced our customers’ favorite holiday beverage, and this year we have big news!

EggNogWe produce all our eggnog here in our own dairy manufacturing plant, which allows us to provide the best quality and selection for our customers. This year we will be transitioning our traditional eggnog into recyclable cardboard cartons. Along with new packaging, our eggnog will be ultra-pasteurized which allows it to have a longer shelf life.

Our Gift to You!

This year we will be introducing two new eggnog flavors!

Publix Peppermint Eggnog
Publix Caramel HazelnutPublix Flavored Eggnog


Try our new flavors with our Maple Bourbon Eggnog recipe!
Publix Maple Bourbon Eggnog Recipe

GreenWise Organic Eggnog

Publix GreenWise Eggnog


We didn’t stop there. Now that we have new environmentally friendly packaging and two new flavors, we decided it was time to also include an organic option. That’s right, GreenWise Organic Eggnog.




This holiday season we hope you enjoy a delicious glassful of our Publix Eggnog. Cheers!

Publix Eggnog with Hands


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Monique B. began her journey at Publix in 2010, where she fell in love with the fact that, as an associate, she was also part owner of the company. Since then, she has dedicated her skills in organization and creativity to Publix, taking a special interest in social media. At the end of the day, she hopes The Publix Checkout leaves you with the knowledge that Publix is more than just a grocery store – we’re experts, we’re family, and we’re here to help!

9 Comments on “Eggciting News About Our Eggnog

  1. Heather May

    Please bring back the original Publix eggnog! This years brand was so disappointing. I have been drinking Publix eggnog since I was a kid and I am 37 years old. It is not the same. Even my son who is 9 and autistic could tell there is a difference before we even said anything to him. I only bought 3 cartons this year in the hope that the next would be better. No such luck. My husband who is a grocery manager for Publix always orders me a whole case for my Christmas present so that I can freeze it and have 1 a month until the next season. I told him not to bother this year. :( no eggnog compares to the original. Also the new packaging does not catch the customers eye. It blends in with all of the other products making it hard to find (not that I mind looking, but customers look for that classic egg yellow color).

  2. Lynne Tipton

    I agree with your previous commentator. I used to LOVE your eggnog. It was the only eggnog that I would buy. Unfortunately, I’ve tried two separate containers and the taste has changed. Everyone in my household agrees and we are now on the look for another brand. Sometimes when something isn’t broken you should not try to fix it.

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  4. David Perez

    I feel the same as the comment above, no other Eggnog ever came close to Publix, I too froze a couple of them for later in the year. This year however tasted totally different, I noticed the longer shelf life on the carton and thought the recipe had to have change because it never use to last this long. I googled Publix Eggnog recipe changed and this article came up. Very disappointing, no one ever came close to Publix, now it won’t even crack the top 5. Unfortunately it’s time to switch to another brand, I had been drinking it for YEARS!! Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

  5. Aaron Brito

    I have been a fan of publix eggnog for as long as I can remember. No other brand has ever been as delicious or consistent. Each season me and and my family go through several gallons and go as far as to freeze a bottle for later in the year. The new flavor is terrible. It is too watery, the sweetness is off like maybe an artificial sweetener has been used, and way too much nutmeg. It’s almost as bad as the McArthur one which I consider unpalatable. It looks like we will be making our own from now on. There have been recipes online for years to clone the old eggnog that are quite good. We will not be purchasing the Publix eggnog again.

  6. Bennett Dixon

    Hi Monique, people are going to think I’m a nut/fanatic but Publix eggnog is one of my favorite things in the universe. I will not even drink other brands of eggnog anymore because of how good Publix’s is. This year I noticed though that not only the carton was different but that it tasted different too (i.e. not as sweet and not a thick as usual). I Googled “Publix Egg Nog 2018″ to see if there was anything new going on and found this article. Do you think it’s the ultra-pasteurizing process that’s making it taste different? I know this is borderline ridiculous but I love this egg nog so much. Thanks!

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