Publix Eggnog

‘Tis the season for delicious, creamy eggnog. This beverage is one with its very own holiday spirit. Traditionally, it is consumed around the holidays and through the winter months. For decades Publix has produced our customers’ favorite holiday beverage, and this year we have big news!

EggNogWe produce all our eggnog here in our own dairy manufacturing plant, which allows us to provide the best quality and selection for our customers. This year we will be transitioning our traditional eggnog into recyclable cardboard cartons. Along with new packaging, our eggnog will be ultra-pasteurized which allows it to have a longer shelf life.

Our Gift to You!

This year we will be introducing two new eggnog flavors!

Publix Peppermint Eggnog
Publix Caramel HazelnutPublix Flavored Eggnog


Try our new flavors with our Maple Bourbon Eggnog recipe!
Publix Maple Bourbon Eggnog Recipe

GreenWise Organic Eggnog

Publix GreenWise Eggnog


We didn’t stop there. Now that we have new environmentally friendly packaging and two new flavors, we decided it was time to also include an organic option. That’s right, GreenWise Organic Eggnog.




This holiday season we hope you enjoy a delicious glassful of our Publix Eggnog. Cheers!

Publix Eggnog with Hands


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