Shanah Tovah! Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is here. This holiday is the first of the Jewish High Holy Days, and celebrations occur for two days to mark the beginning of the Jewish year, according to the teachings of Judaism.

We have your favorite products to help celebrate Rosh Hashanah in our stores, like our popular Round Challah Bread with Raisins. The bread’s circular shape symbolizes the ongoing cycle of the year, and the raisins represent sweetness. Our Publix Aprons® team also created delicious recipes to help you and your loved ones celebrate. Each recipe is associated with a symbolic meaning and tradition, such as apples and honey, hoping to evoke a sweet new year.

Beef Kreplach

Beef kreplach served in a white bowl with a brown edge on a white plate accompanied by a spoon and knife

Brisket Tzimmes

Sliced brisket on a serving platter, mixed vegetables in a bowl on a white napkin, a white plate with brisket and vegetables accompanied by a fork and knife.

Classic Apple Cake

Apple cake served on a white plate with a blue serving napkin, with three red apples off to the right side.

Green Bean and Beet Salad with Pistachios

Green bean and beat salad on a white plate with a serving fork off to the side.

Vanilla Kugel

Kugel in a rectangular serving platter, a round plate with a serving of kugel and a fork on a blue and white napkin with a glass of water.

Pomegranate Chicken

Chicken served with an orange sauce with pomegranate seeds on top, served on a square white plate with a fork and spoon on the side.

Pomegranate Chicken Salad

Greens with sliced apple and pomegranate seeds on a white platter with gold serving utensils.

Whole Wheat Challah Bread

Whole wheat challah on a beige napkin, half sliced and half whole.

No matter what your favorite Rosh Hashanah meals are, we hope you’ll give our Publix Aprons® recipes a try and share your creations with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Shanah Tovah from all your friends at Publix.


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