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If you’ve ever ordered a special occasion cake, you know that there are plenty of options to choose from — color, style, shape and size, just to name a few. But first things first! One of the biggest decisions to make about your cake is what type of icing you’ll use. This will influence the look and taste of the cake, so choose wisely! Not sure about which is best for you? Consider the points below and let us help guide you on the path to cake perfection.

Round 1: Taste

If the taste of the icing tops your priority list, you’ll want to be sure to test these out. Many people prefer the flavor of buttercream icing over the taste of fondant. If you’ve never tried fondant, you can request to taste it prior to ordering your cake to make sure you are satisfied.


Round 2: Shape

Do you prefer your cake lean and mean, or a little fluffy? If you prefer a streamlined look, or want to incorporate different shapes into your cake, we suggest fondant. The thin texture of rolled fondant makes it great for draping, and it can stretch to fit to any form you’d like. Butter cream has less structure and doesn’t work as well when it comes to adding shapes and intricate designs into your sweet creation.


Round 3: Texture08_24_BK_Bakery_Image2

Looking for a way to make your cake visually interesting? Try a textured buttercream finish! Buttercream can be piped onto the cake with a variety of decorating tips or sculpted with special tools, so you can achieve a diverse assortment of looks. Add a simple flower or cake topper, and your textured icing does the heavy lifting on the design for you.


Round 4: Tenacity

If your special event is outdoors, remember one simple fact: icing melts! On hot days, buttercream can begin to run. Fondant typically holds its shape better, so it might be the better choice for an event in a warm climate.


There are pros and cons to both buttercream and fondant, so it’s important to start by deciding which of these factors resonates the most with you. The icing on the cake? Your design is sure to be a hit if it’s from the heart and matches your personal style. It also doesn’t hurt if it tastes delicious, too!

So, which  wins in the ultimate icing faceoff? We’ll leave that for you to decide. Tell us what you prefer in the comments below!


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