Broiled Citrus Salmon plated

At Publix, it’s important that we offer fresh, never-frozen fish in our stores, which is why we have a seafood team dedicated to doing just that. Did you know that with the help of our distribution network we have fresh fish delivered to our stores five to six days a week?

Our fresh fish is sourced from prime locations worldwide; we monitor the temperature of the fish throughout the process.

  • Our salmon from Chile is harvested and in your store in just a few days.
  • Our cod from Iceland comes off the boat and is loaded onto the plane the same day.
  • Our grouper from Florida also comes right off the boat, heading to our stores in just a day or two.

Why is providing fresh fish important to us? We strive to provide our customers with the highest-quality fish to enjoy. Improper freezing and thawing break down the cellular structure of fillet, which can result in a lower-quality product.

Our “Reel Variety” program is offered in all our stores, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, just ask. We have quick access to up to 60 varieties of fresh fish, including the options available in your stores.


Broiled Citrus Salmon

Publix Aprons Broiled Citrus Salmon


Romesco-Style Fish

Publix Aprons Romesco-Style Fish


Grouper Française

Publix Aprons Grouper Française





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