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Get a taste of the warm and sunny tropics by diving into some tropical fruit at your local store! Tropical fruits grown in climates that are hot and humid are typically known for their bold flavors and vibrant colors. Learn more about our favorite tropical fruits sold in your produce department.

Hass Avocado

Did you know today’s Hass avocados came from a single tree grown by a mail carrier in California and now make up 95% of the avocados purchased in the United States? Their popularity has surged since they originated in the 1920s because of their rich and creamy taste compared to other varieties. There are quite a few ways to choose the best avocado, but color isn’t necessarily one of them. Instead, pay attention to its firmness.

Try this mouthwatering Aprons Jackfruit Tanga Tostada recipe for a unique way to incorporate avocados into your meals.

Tostada topped with jackfruit and avocado with sliced limes on the side.


Believe it or not, Christopher Columbus was among the first to find pineapples when he discovered them growing in the West Indies. Once pineapples made it to the U.S., they were considered a luxury because they were so rare. This sweet yet tart fruit takes between two and three years to grow into the size and ripeness you buy at your local store. When deciding which one to choose, remember that a ripe pineapple gives off a sweet smell.

You’ll love this sweet and spicy Pineapple-Jalapeño Burger with Pineapple-Nut Whip Dip for dinner tonight!

Hamburger topped with jalapenos, grilled pineapple and grilled onions


Mangoes were first grown in India more than 5,000 years ago but they made it to the U.S. through California in 1880.  Today, there are more than 400 types of mangoes. Growing mangoes takes patience. After a tree is planted, it takes five years for the fruit to be ripe enough to enjoy. Even though it takes a while to grow mangoes, a mango tree can produce fruit for up to 300 years. Similar to avocados, don’t focus on the color when selecting your mango. Instead, give it a gentle squeeze and feel for a slight give.

Mangoes can be used in many types of cuisines from chutneys and curries to jams and drinks, but we think you should give our Chipotle-Mango Sausage Quesadilla a try!

Quesadilla with cheese, mango and sausage


Rambutans are an exotic and tropical fruit known for their hairy exterior. Its name is derived from a Malayan word that means hair. Rambutan is closely related to other tropical fruits like lychee and has a taste and texture similar to a grape. Rambutan trees take five to six years before they start producing fruit. These fruits go through different stages as they ripen – starting green, then turning red, orange or yellow. Select the ones that are firm and darker in color.

Try substituting a rambutan for grapes in our recipe for Grape and Almond Salad.

Salad topped with grapes and almonds


Like pineapples, limes also have a tie to Christopher Columbus, who carried citrus seeds with him during his voyage in 1493. After that, lime trees started popping up across Florida. When choosing a lime, pick one that gives a little when gently squeezed.

Use limes in our recipe for Plantain Chicken Rolls with Lime Sauce.

Plantains topped with lime sauce


Kiwis were discovered in the 1800s. Growing a kiwi plant isn’t challenging, but it does take three to five years before the fruit is ready to be harvested. When picking a kiwi, gently press the outside with your thumb. If it gives to the pressure, it should be ready to eat.

You can’t go wrong with adding kiwi to our Tropical Shrimp Salad.

Salad topped with grilled shrimp and avocados


Coconuts date back to more than 2,000 years ago, but they only arrived in the U.S. in the late 1800s. Despite their name, they aren’t part of the nut family – they are considered to be stone fruits. Did you know coconut trees can produce up to 180 coconuts in one harvest? When choosing a coconut, feel for one on the heavier side and give it a shake to listen for juice inside.

Shred some fresh coconut to make this sweet Coconut Carrot Cake.

Tri-layered coconut cake topped with carrot shavings

Learn more about some of our tropical fruits sold at Publix!

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