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A bouquet of flowers can brighten anything from rooms and desks, to moods and spirits. For the prettiest flowers, visit your local Publix floral department. Our bouquets and plants have just the right amount of open buds, so they’ll only get lovelier wherever you decide to put them. Need help choosing? Our associates can help you select the perfect item and provide care and handling tips.

Floral_Orchids_BodyOur flowers are sourced from several suppliers and purchased as close to the growers as possible. This helps minimize transport time so they arrive from the field to our stores extraordinarily fresh. We receive flower deliveries five to seven days a week—so we’re constantly replenishing our bins with new varieties of fresh, beautiful flowers. Take a look at some flower varieties you’ll find at Publix. Now that you know all about our floral department, and the ways our flowers are sourced, let’s talk about how to keep your new flowers fresh and get the most life out of them.

  • Cut the stems: A common mistake many people make when they receive flowers is not cutting the stems. Use gardening shears to trim one to two inches at an angle off at the bottom. Re-trim your bouquet once every few days.
  • Flower food: Each bouquet you purchase comes with a packet of flower food. These packets typically contain three ingredients: citric acid, sugar and — believe it or not — bleach. Citric acid lowers water’s pH levels, allowing water to travel faster (which helps to reduce wilting). Sucrose (or sugar) helps to nourish flowers, but may allow the growth of microorganisms, which is what the bleach is used for. It helps to keep bacteria from growing in the water and preventing the stems from getting the water they need.
  • Pruning: Any leaves below the water line should be removed. This will help with the appearance of the bouquet, but it also helps prevent any bacterial growth. For example, roses have guard petals (two or three outermost petals of the flower). By removing these, the flower can fully open. Be sure to check your bouquet every few days to see if there are any opportunities for additional pruning.
  • Watering: Though it seems simple, many people put their new bouquet in a fresh vase of water and call it a day. By changing the water every day or couple of days (with room temperature water), your flowers’ colors can stay bright and your bouquet will last longer.
  • Direct sunlight and fruits: These are two things to avoid if you want to keep your flowers looking fresh. Direct sunlight and heat will cause flowers to become dehydrated (even while sitting in water) and ripening fruit releases ethylene gas, which will hurt the life of your fresh bouquet.
  • Refrigeration: When you’re going to sleep, put your bouquet in the fridge. You read that right! There’s a reason Publix keeps many flowers in refrigeration. Keeping your flowers cool is the best way to keep them fresh.


There you have it! Now you’re all set to make sure your bouquet of flowers remains fresh for the longest amount of time possible. Be sure to share your pictures of Publix bouquets with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #Publix or comment below with your favorite type of flower.

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